Yahoo significantly lowers price to sell the core business segment for Verizon


Yahoo is established in 1994 with the name “Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web “, with a list of websites arranged in groups by two students graduating Stanford University- Jerry Yang and David Filo.After that, they changed the name to Yahoo and founded the formal company on 02/03/1995.

This was also the developing time of the company;they developed as Google doing today. However, they must to sell the core business segment to survive;the searching segment of Yahoo has dropped sharply become obsolete because the initial plan and strategy are no longer suitable to compete in new time.

Yahoo hadruled the roost on the internet, but from few years ago, they had left behind and reported severe losses, especially after the advent of social network Facebook.

More than 10 years ago, when referring to Yahoo, surely that everyone knew; the online chat tool for connecting with friends around the world made Yahoo become the King of social network on the internet. When the golden age is over, the low level of competition has made Yahoo become old and had to make the deaths for some services including Yahoo Messenger.

After some revealed information, Verizon is questioning to buy a part of Yahoo’s core business, but they have faced many difficulties since 2016 in transfer because more than 1 billion accounts were affectedby hacker in 2013. But the problem did not stop whenthey once again were attacked by hackers in 2014 and there were more than 500 million customers be affected.

Bloomberg said after making the final decision, on July 2016 Verizon agreed to buy Yahoo’s core Internet segment for nearly $ 4.85. According to some information sources from the US,at this time, Yahoo agreed to share responsibility with Verizon if appearing any legal trouble and discount by $ 350 million. Information of the revised terms may be announced at the end of February 2017, after this information Yahoo’s stock also rose 2%.

Verizon wants to revive Yahoo, they want to integrate messenger and email, search ingtool and advertising tools of Yahoo with its AOL division, still in 2015, Verizon has acquired AOL for $ 4.4 billion. This is the tool for exploiting video advertisement on mobile and AOL’s main revenue source.


US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) intervened and opened an investigation for Yahoo group; they want to check whether or not Yahoo announced data or leaked information before deciding to sell? Yahoo by themselves, do not know exactly how many accounts were affected and sent alerts to all users for reminding them to check their information, it is very likely that hackers accessed and stole users’ information since 2015-2016.

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Soucre: Yahoo significantly lowers price to sell the core business segment for Verizon

Yahoo significantly lowers price to sell the core business segment for Verizon
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