Worlds best country to live in 2017


The biggest changes in the world make you must take a new choice for yourself about the best country to live in 2017.

After England leaved EU, all the world has come into a new period, this is the win of USA president (Mr.) Donald Trump. The 45th of the USA who as recommended is an enigma, dictatorship, and always considers the finance first.

Before joining the US presidential election, he has set out a number of policies can be realized that have a great influence on world peace, especially for those who immigrated to the United States before and after his rise to power will be expelled from the country known as the world’s most powerful one.

So, “which countries are the best for settling in 2017” is an issue received many attentions of people in the world, this article will give you some ideas for the best countries that may not be the United State.


Russia is a peace-loving country, it has a powerful military capabilities, does not have ambition to dominate the world. The Russian people are very kind, especially the older ones; the Russian young generations are confident, active and friendly. They are willing to help when you need; even they are willing to listen when you’re babbling to speak Russian.

Another bonus for Russia is the lower living cost compared to many other countries belonging to Europe. Living in Russia will help you save much money, the thing that you cannot get if living in USA, etc. For those who are seeking a career abroad, this is a beneficial place when all the things you have is zero.

In addition, the population of Russia is quite low by contrast with its area. And along with the development of economics, Russia has many polices, welfare programs for the people here.

About culture, Russia is a big country with the combination of two cultures West and East. Therefore, this is aideal nation for the people from all around the world.

The culinary of Russia is very good, coming here, you have chance to try hundreds unique dishes that in the past, you just can be “mouthwatering” by paper, television, internet, and so on.


Despite being a small country with a population of only around 10 million people, Belgium is a worth place for living, no less than the British, French or American. The first point needed to mention is Belgium is the capital of the European with Parliament building, European Union (EU); Brussels has welcomed many people from all over Europe to live and work. Living in a multicultural country will help you breathe easier despite you are not natives.

Besides, the language used in this beautiful country is very abundant supporting you so much in communication and activities.  With 3 official languages are French, Dutch and German, Belgium gives you the opportunity to contact with many European languages. Since the EU became the center, you can easily join the conversation class of Italian, Spanish. Asian languages are also becoming increasingly popular in Belgium.

The Belgians are very “cold” in appearance, show very little emotion, but inside they are very warm and willing to help you when you have difficult, even you are a stranger. The Belgians have a very high awareness of community. And be happy if you have Belgian friends or living in Belgian families. The Belgians are very generous with the people they love.

Traffic in Belgium is one of the most convenient systems. Living in Belgium, you will love bus, metro, or tram because all of them are safety and fuel saving, environmental protection. Furthermore you can comfortably read books, listen to music, text message, talk with friends in bus. Sometimes you also have the opportunity to enjoy free music on the metro with the fun street musicians blowing saxophone, and guitar, accordion. The public transport services even have more incentive programs for students and the elderly.


The people living in Swisshave ahigh living standard. All cities, buildings and restaurants in Switzerland are high quality. The crime rate is extremely low, you always feel safe even you walk along the road alone at midnight. On the street you never see beggar. It’s hard to believe that you can drink water from public fountains in the street; all public facilities are very clean.

Meanwhile, wages in Switzerland is very high. Although you are just a waiter, the minimum wage you are paid is 20CHF (Swiss franc) / hour. And the most important thing is the income tax rate in Switzerland is extremely low. This is unbeatable point of Switzerland compared with other developed countries.

You are living in the center of Europe; from here it only takes one hour to fly to Germany, two hours to fly to France or Italy. To go to all places in Europe, you only need a few hours of flight. Trains are always on time regardless of whether its operation scope is city or inter-city. You can come all locations by means of public transport service.

In contrast to the US, where parents want their children to college they have to mortgage their properties or save a savings to send their children to college. The best universities in Switzerland have tuition of 500CHF / semester regardless of nationality.

Switzerland is endowed with a lot of majestic, picturesque scenery. Those who have arrived here have stopped breath before the natural beauty of Switzerland. Swiss government is very concerned about the environment. In here, the air conditioner is not prohibited but is discouraged. Even when the temperature is up to 32o C in summer, everyone just uses the fan.


Annually, since 1994, the United Nations always ranks Canada in the top countries being worth for living in the world. And the reasons below will prove it.

Canadian immigration rate is quite high, so this nation has a multi-ethnic culture. The Canadian government always encourages the immigrants to maintain their own cultural identity when immigrating to Canada. This helps Canada become a nation of diverse and colorful culture.

Canada has an extremely developed economics; it is one of the richest countries in the world with an annual GDP of US $ 1,400,000. Owning the 9th largest economy, Canada is an ideal destination for those look for growth opportunities and look forward to a life of stability and prosperity.

Environment in Canada is very clean, so the people living here also have a fresh and safe environment. The average life expectancy of Canadians is 76.5 years.

The Canadian government considers education as the top priority for development. With free-tuition program in primary and secondary schools and higher education programs are supported financially. Colleges and universities in Canada have great reputation in the world for the quality of education.

Canadians are received the supports from the government through social assistance programs, supportive housing, free medical services, and many other social welfare services. Most Canadians are feeling very satisfied with health services and social welfare policies of the government.

Worlds best country to live in 2017
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