The world’s biggest gold market in Dubai


The gold is sold by kilogram in Dubai, there are things made from gold weigh dozens of kilograms, such as gold trousers, gold shirts, etc. The gold market Gold Souk has about 300 stalls which mainly belong to the local people, they sell all kinds of jewelry.

If you travel to Dubai, let’s visit the gold market Gold Souk once, the gold here is much cheaper than that of other places in the world because Dubai is the country without taxes of gold trading. In here, you can only buy gold in kilograms or grams; that means you cannot buy in mace, or tael like some other areas.

In Dubai, you have the right to bargain and pay for items you buy as other items, they do not sell at the listed price, instead of this, they can slightly discount for their customers to compete. When you buy a lot of items you get a discount and the striking thing is that the same product, same weight, same size and age but each store has its own price.

The main items here are popular jewelry such as necklace, earring, and bracelet. Some other items are also sold with smaller quantities, and for trousers or shirts made from gold you need to order as usual clothes.

The gold shops here are all evaluated and guaranteed by Dubai government, so you can choose jewelry with peace of mind that they are made from real gold. However if you buy jewelry from street vendors, be careful because you will be very easy to be fooled to buy fake gold.

If you are a jewelry lover, you will not be able to resist the enormous necklaces fully engraved with diamonds with the price of millions of dollars here, so recommends that to visit Dubai gold market, bring a lot of money.

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Soucre: The world’s biggest gold market in Dubai

The world’s biggest gold market in Dubai
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