The Vietnamese delicacies you should try once


Vietnam has many dishes in the top of the delicious foods in the world, being rated by many the worlds’ prestigious magazines (such as CNN) and the world food festivals. No gaudy and extravagant, the Vietnamese cuisines that are world honored are very simple, rustic dishes and express true Vietnamese style.

Today’s article, will introduce you some Vietnam’s delicious dishes that you should try when visiting this S-shaped country.


Being honored as one of the best street food in the world, banh mi of Vietnam is the dish that the tourists most sought. Vietnamese banh mi is rated as one of the 20 most delicious street foods in the world and 5 the worlds’ most attractive meat breads by news sites Huffington Post and reaches top 5 voted dishes you should definitely try when traveling to Vietnam. Banh mi is a popular dish of Vietnam; it’s easy to find banh mi in the street. Each region has its own characteristics.

Banh mi is a product of cultural exchange between the East and the West. This dish started to appear during the French occupation in Vietnam. Initially, it is a French-style sandwich with main ingredients are butter, meats, pâté and some other components. At that time, it was a dish just for the wealthy. Gradually, Vietnamese chefs has used local ingredients and simplified this dish. For several decades, banh mi has become a popular street food. Today, in Vietnam, banh mi is also familiar as hot dog in the USA.


Pho Hanoi is reached the top of 10 most excellent breakfast items in the world, and also made the top 50 of best dishes in the planet that you should enjoy as CNN voted. Along with that, the site Business Insider also released a list of 40 of the world’s delicious foods that we should try once in life, in which, Pho Vietnam stands at the top.

Pho Vietnam is the traditional signature dish of the culinary of Vietnam. Pho is originated from the people of Hanoi capital; later, pho appears anytime, anywhere, from the roads of the villages to the corners of the cities, from the sidewalk, affordable restaurants to the luxury restaurants and even street vendors. People eat pho as a breakfast dish or maybe lunch, dinner or evening but it is difficult to feel bored because pho contains a special taste make you do not want to leave. The white small, chewy, soft pho’s strands as being soaked evenly in broth. The success of the cooker is making all materials from water, noodles to meat, herbs are blended together as one.

Depending on the tastes of each region that pho brings special flavor and distinct taste, but if you want to enjoy the traditional pho taste, you should go to Hanoi and enjoy Pho Bat Danoriginated in Hanoi.


Previously, Gordon Ramsey, the cantankerous chef of Master Chef had the opportunity to discover Vietnam and recording for an American reality cuisine show. Here, Gordon is ẹnoyed pho with a very special taste that he commended that: “It’s interesting, delicious and taste this was the first time he tasted this flavor”. Too impressed with this dish and so remember it, Gordon took hu tieu Vietnam as exam topic for candidates of Master Chef in 2013. Unfortunately there was not any chef participating in that Master Chef season satisfied Gordon.

Although Hu tieu is a dish comes from the Chinese, but for several decades, this dish has gradually implicit in “cuisine flow” of Vietnamese with many variations separate cooking ways. The main components of this hu tieu are pig intestines, shrimp, sliced ​​pork and minced pork, pork bones, etc. Depending on the processing method of the region, this dish is also added quail eggs, squid, pig’s liver, etc. But the most specific characteristic of this dish is taste of fried garlic. The extremely this small component creates hu tieu dish with delicious taste that is hard to find in any other dish.

You will easily find this dish in the center of Saigon or some big cities in Vietnam, the price for each bowl hu tieu is about $ 0.70, and they are willing to serve you to home.


Bun bo Hue is entered the top 50 most delicious foods in the world. Referring to central Vietnam’s cuisine, it is cannot delete bun bo Hue out of the list. Characteristic flavor of the ancient capital land, Hue beef noodle not only conquers the customers in whole country but also makes tourists stupor, and remember it. The combination of natural sweet broth, chewy soft shank meat, “cha Hue” with several kinds of herbs, Hue beef noodle dish is completely enough to conquer the customers both domestic and abroad.

Thanks to the very curiously, completely surprised and excited mentality to enjoy a bowl of bun bo Hue at Dong Ba market, Vietnam, Anthony Bourdain, the famous American chef had an interesting experience: “Bun bo Hue is the most delicious soup in the world I’ve ever enjoyed “. This sentence of Anthony on the reputation world television, has bring bun bo Hue of Vietnam comes closer to foreigners.

This dish is a signature dish of Central Vietnam, is rooted in ancient Thua Thien Hue, now known as Hue city.


In Vietnamese cuisine, maybe there is not any dish as “pleasant” as goi cuon. using as light food is ok, and using as main meal still does not make uncomfortable feeling! Goi cuon Vietnam stands in the top 50 world’s most delicious dishes. Goi cuon is popular dish, easy to make and easy to eat. The goi is rolled up cleverly, exposing the inner material colors like red shrimp, light pink meat, green vegetables, white bun.

Goi cuon has become an indispensable dish on the menu of Vietnamese restaurants in the West. The French people call goi cuon as “Rouleaux de Printemps” – the spring rolls; this name maybe comes from the combination of inside exciting colors. A bite of goi cuon, feel the chewy taste banh trang, the fat of the bacon mixed with sweet taste of boiled shrimp, combined with a little salty of sauces, the cool of fresh vegetable, and pungent at the tongue of chili creat an alive extravaganza evoking the melodies of taste.

This dish originates from western Vietnam, if you have the opportunity to visit the river areas of this country, let’s enjoy goi cuon to feel the taste of this delicious dish.


Vietnam’s bun cha currently ranks at No. 10 in the 10 most delicious foods of summer voted by CNN. According to CNN, bun cha is the perfect combination of two most favorited dishes in the summer, they are: barbecue and salad (pickles, raw vegetables). Especially, this dish is served with sauces evoking fresh flavor of summer with sour, sweet, spicy and salty taste.

On all the streets of the capital, about the period from 9 to 10 am, the smoke of grilling cha, fragrant smell of burning flesh are in everywhere, far away from the kilometers can still smell the scent making people be mouthwatering . Almost any street of Hanoi also has at least one bun cha restaurant, there are streets having several rows close together, but the striking thing is that every restaurant is crowded.

Bun cha is a dish can be enjoyed throughout the year, in summer, they use cooler broth, in winter days, it is served with hot broth and tangled bun, grilled cha and fresh vegetables. It is delicious, even there are many Hanoi people said that they can eat bun cha for lunch in the entire week without knowing bored. Bun cha is a dish imbued with traditional art, makes the particular rustic feature of Hanoi land, Vietnam.

President Obama visited the Vietnam country in late 2016, he and chef Bourdain enjoyed this dish in Hanoi, and he had to say that “this is a great dish”. So there is no reason for you to could not try it once when visiting Hanoi, Vietnam.


Ca phe trung Vietnam topped in the list of 17 types of coffee have to drink while traveling this S-shaped country. According to Buzzfeed described, the egg coffee of Vietnam is made from egg yolk, milk, sugar and aromatic coffee, they are blended together. Taste of ca phe trung Vietnam is quite like Tiramisu cake in Japan, it charms with sweet, slightly bitter and greasy taste.

Egg coffee in Hanoi makes many tourists initially feel strange, but once the trial they had been “addicted”. This drink is a combination of egg yolks, milk, sugar, butter, etc. All is mixed well to be smooth and then enjoyed with hot coffee. However, to make a cup of egg coffee that makes people drink and remember is not easy. So far, there is few ca phe trung restaurants can make visitors remember the name and most of them are in Hanoi.

Also because, the cold weather of Hanoi makes this delicious drink becomes more special. So while the cold air is coming, and you’re going to Vietnam, quickly take a cup of egg coffee to enjoy this enchanting taste.

Like many countries in the world, Vietnam cuisine is also leaving not small impression in the hearts of foreign tourists. The famous dishes of Vietnam have gradually asserted location and their charm. The above is a few Vietnamese dishes that you should try at least one time. If you have the opportunity to travel to Vietnam, be experiencing a rich and unique cuisine this place. Do not forget to rate 5-star at the end of each article and share this article if you feel that it is useful.

Thanks and see you in another article!

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The Vietnamese delicacies you should try once
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