The special Christmas gifts for men – Husband



If two people just have known each other for short time, the cosmetic gifts for men seem inappropriate, but if you are in love for a long time, are close together, the cosmetic items for men will be good Christmas gifts you should give to him.

The boys usually do not pay attention to body odor, so donating personal care cosmetics is also a way to show you are interested in him. If your relationship is being in intimate stage, then do not hesitate to give him the gifts including: shampoo, shower gel, perfume and even deodorant product. That will be a very sweet Christmas gift in this year.


You always wish him to be best protected when he drive on the road or play his favorite X-game. So try to notice did he change the helmet according to the latest standard defined yet? If not, choose a quality helmet that is equally stylish as a Christmas gift for your lover.


You can create a photo album or a magazine by collaging pictures of the person you would like to donate, make a joke or romantic story and send to that guy. Who would not appreciate this special Christmas gift?

A pair of cups or a pair of shirts printed pictures of you and your boyfriend or husband is also a very interesting choices. It not only expresses your feelings but also let people know who you belong to and who’s yours, right? If you are clever, you can use painting colors to decorate the item you chose. This work will make the gift more unique and special.


Pillow printed picture of two of you will be the gift that make him remember you all time. It’s real! Remember an appropriate Christmas gift for boyfriend can warm his heart in the chill of the Christmas night.

A pillow you made by yourself is much more special. You buy fabric, needle, cotton, etc. and then by your hands, you make a lovely pillow sending message of love to him. How great it is! He will dream about you every night, and the pillow will be a bridge for the two of you. Pillow has many types and colors for you to choose. You can give him the pillow being monochromatic or polychromatic or having animal form or loving heart.


If you have a unique cuisine, something new for Christmas, do not hesitate to show it as a gift for your husband which there is not any other man has chance of getting. This will be a practical and meaningful Christmas gift which he’s looking forward to each year.


Most men have a certain type of collection that they are proud of. There are many practical types like watches, guitar, belt, wallet, etc. Take a moment to look back what he had collected, and choose a gift that he does not have to complement and make the more abundant collection. If you do this, the husband/boyfriend will feel very excited because his lover is interest in his passion.


Most men are very interested in technology like the women like makeup; thus hitting this weakness, surely, you will “win” him completely. On the occasion of Christmas you can choose technology items as gifts for your boyfriend or husband.

Some gift suggestions for you are: a new computer mouse; a stylish music speaker; a new keyboard; a headphone; a smart bracelet; a smart watch; a movement monitor, etc. These are great gifts for guys who have technology enthusiast; I guarantee that your boyfriend will be really happy with this Christmas gift.


Books are always extremely unique and polite gifts; each book contains many interesting things to be who read it feel, it is really fantastic method for sharing the message of love. Books also help people find relaxing, comfortable moments after stress hours of work, inspire for a new day full of dynamism. If your guy likes to read, love to explore and discover new things, a good book would be attractive gift for him in this Christmas.

The special Christmas gifts for men – Husband
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