The safest airlines in the world


Among a number of airlines, the airline Qantas Airways of Australia stands in the top of the chart 10 safest airlines in the world as the synthetic results of famous website in airline If you are curious to know the safest airlines in the world, please read following article immediately:


According to the rating of website, Qantas is the safest airline in the world in 2016. This Australia’s Qantas Airlines has continuously topped the list of safest airlines in the past 3 years.

Qantas is known as the “Flying Kangaroo”, and the truth is that this airline has become classics when its dossier is extremely “clean”. From 1951 to now, there was not plane of this airline crashed. Even, film must also mention Qantas as a never-fading airline: “Qantas never crashed”

This is also one of the 10 safest airlines in the world that always stand in the top of the quality airlines in aviation world.


Established in 1984, Virgin Atlantic Airways is owned by Virgin Group and Delta Air Lines. Its headquarters is located in Crawley, West Sussex, near Gatwick airport. This airline is highly ranked in quality and safety. The airline has never happened any accident in history.

Virgin Atlantic Aiways is always famous for lounge system for VIP passengers named Clubhouse with the design and furnishings are considered as the most fashionable and modern in the current airline service. Space in this lounge area is about 2,500 square meters and is considered as the largest lounge in the world today, with the functional areas including restaurant, several bars, a spa including sauna area and Hydrotherapy Lake.


Air New Zealand had a good recovery after the financial crisis of the early 2000s. has reviewed Air New Zealand as one of the best airlines in the world. This airline has never had significant incident in the past two decades. Although being not appreciated in aesthetical aspect, even to be one of the airlines having the worst plane decoration in the world, but the quality of the airline Air New Zealand located in Auckland has not anything to debatable. This is the second airline be honored as one of the world’s best airlines after Qantas.

The airline has routes to 27 domestic places and 29 destinations in the world, in 15 countries on all continents Asia, Europe, North America, and so on.


Emirates Airlines is the largest airline in the Middle East, operates approximate 3,400 flights per week from its headquarters at the Dubai International Airport, to more than 142 cities in 78 countries in Europe, North America, Central East, Africa, India and Asia Pacific. The cargo operations are carried out by Emirates SkyCargo of the Emirates Group. The airline is ranked among the ten leading airlines in the world for passenger transport distances, and stands in the top in the Middle East in terms of revenue, fleet size and the number of passengers transported according to the data in 2007. The companyalso owns the 4 longest trade routes in the history of aviation from Dubai to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas / Fort Worth, and Houston.

In addition, guests also can enjoy the adding services when purchasing the airline tickets of Emirates Airlines such as entertainment services with more than 1200 channels and 280 movies (statistics in 2011). On the first class of some Emirates aircrafts also have mini-bar and separate bathroom. This is reason why Emirates has been in top 10 of the Word Airline Awards for 7 years.


Also an airline coming from the Middle East, Etihad of the United Arab Emirates was established in May 7/2003 and is based in Abu Dhabi. Although newly established, it has not stopped in growing and became one of the fastest growing airlines in the history of aviation commercial sector and also be honored as one of ten safest airlines in the world. Each week, the Etihad has about 1,000 flights to 96 locations around the world with a collection of 85 new generation aircrafts from Airbus and Boeing brands.

Each year, this airline receives a variety of awards asserting its class and service quality, especially the Award “world leading Airlines” for 5 consecutive years. Besides that, this airline also achieves many other prestigious awards such as:

Leading airlines of Middle East

The best Economy Class

The best airline in the world

The best International airline


Cathay Pacific airline of Hong Kong has headquartered in Hong Kong International Airport, ranked 5th position in 10 safest airlines in the world. Currently, Cathay Pacific has flight schedule to 168 destinations in 42 countries in the world, and owns powerful aircraft collection including Airbus A330, Airbus A340, Boeing 747, and Boeing 777.

Not only being the founding member of the airline alliance Oneword, but this airline is also the first airline having the fly route to the Arctic. In addition, Cathay Pacific is the first airline in the world to exploit international routes to Fukuoka, Nagoya and Osaka, Japan.

With the great successes achieved, Cathay Pacific is, by the investigation of Skytrax (a prestigious online ranking website at the UK), considered as the world’s best entire airline in 2003 and 2005. This airline was also voted by Skytrax as the best first class, the best first class lounge (Hong Kong) and best business class lounge. The Cathay Pacific is also voted by Airline Air Transport World (ATW) as the airline of 2006.

The safest airlines in the world
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