The opportunity to travel and contemplate the Titanic ship in the ocean


Since the sinking of Titanic in 1912, only about 200 people have seen its remaining part. Titanic has been one of the worst marine disaster in the history of mankind; it had been considered as an impossible-sunk ship and also be the largest ship in the world at that time. But unfortunately, its fate was very short, it was wrecked right at the first trip when launched not yet 3 hours.

Historically, reaching this legendary Titanic ship is the work of scientists, and only about 200 people has been contemplated it. But now, this is very different, the Titanic Ship wreck Area is going to open for visitors, via a tour of the travel company called Blue Marble Private.

This company plans that by May 2018, they will hold an eight-day tour in which the last day is the time that visitors cango to the area where the legendary ship Titanic was sunk in the North Atlantic. According to information provided by the company, firstly, travelers have to travel by helicopter from Newfoundland (Canada) to a specialized exploration boat parked in the North Atlantic. They will have 2 days for resting on the boat, followed by a 5-hour submarine diving down to the hollow body of the giant ship.

In here, the submarine will move along the deck of the ship, allowing visitors to view the entire outside and inside the ship’s body, there are full of huge treasure chests and the most luxury remnants. It is really special and the opportunity will be for everyone, the maximum people in a trip of is only 9, the first trip is in May 2018 and the next in the summer of 2019. Of course, the schedule can be changed depending on the number of guests booking the tour.

The total fee for the entire tour of contemplating Titanic ship is £ 86,500. This is not a small figure for middle-income people, but for wealthy people, spending over $ 100,000 to see this famous ship is very normal.

At the time of 1912, the Titanic was dubbed “impossible-sunk” as the world’s largest ship. The accident happened when the Titanic made its first journey after launched from Southampton, England to New York, USA. In less than three hours, the ship collided with the iceberg on the night of April 14th,early in the morning of April 15th, 1912, and then it sank into the Atlantic Ocean permanently until now, the number of deaths in this catastrophe was more than 1,500 people and no one survived.

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Soucre: The opportunity to travel and contemplate the Titanic ship in the ocean

The opportunity to travel and contemplate the Titanic ship in the ocean
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