The most preferred forms of men’s shoes


Which are the most preferred forms of men’s shoes in all over the world that have been selected and used for past centuries? For newcomers getting acquainted with leather shoes, they may need a period of time to distinguish different types because they look somewhat similar to each other. But pay attention a little bit more; we will easily identify each type of shoe with separate detail. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to classify because of the increasing appearance of many variations and blends in the style of different types of shoes, this requires you to take time for accessing and carefully observing.

But the following styles are the most popular men’s shoes because of their application and useful characteristic in many occasions, we will help you know how to distinguish and choose style to suit each type of these shoes.


Brogues is inherently name of Broguing vignettes in the west shoes such as Oxford or Derby shoes, people gradually commonly call it with the name Brogues. As mentioned, it is Oxford or Derby shoes but is designed more fussily with the details covering toe are laterally cut look like wings, this type has named Wingtip. Besides the wingtip style just been introduced, there are the others including semi brogues, quarter brogues and longwing. Brogues are usually made from leather or suede and have a lot of colors matching the formal circumstances. And until now, it still be one of the most popular shoes for men.

Another feature of their design was that they were laced by leather tangs and did not have the tongue as in other shoes; they also had high lacing that wrapped above the ankles. This design feature kept the laces free from muck and dirt and prevented the shoes from being sucked off while walking in the mud. This basic design is now known as the ‘ghillie brogue’ and is often considered the standard style for traditional Scottish dress footwear. And for the sake of convenience, the basic characteristics  you will find in most brogues are as follows (not all brogues may have all these basic characteristics): low heels, presence of toe caps, the presence of heel caps, the presence of lace panels, the presence of Broguing or (now) decorative perforations.


Oxfords are not always Brogues though they sometimes are and Brogues are not always Oxfords though some of them can be. It is the lacing system and the absence or presence of broguing that is the differentiating feature.  To Americans the shoes described in the article are more familiar as Balmorals or ‘Bal- type’ while to the English they are known as Oxfords. To the English, the Balmoral is an entirely different shoe (a particular type of oxford with no seams, apart from the toe cap seam, descending to the welt).

Oxford is one of the most common types of shoes on this list, is something you need to invest to come along with trousers – shirt or a formal, polite outfit, to suit special circumstances or in office environment. This type of leather shoes for man has so many colors, but black and brown are the two colors always being the most popular. It is pretty easy to get to know this type of shoes by each closed lace system and the part of leather added in the uppers of the shoes (therefore, it has named Cap Toe). In black, the cap toe Oxford is the classic business shoe worn by elegant men with their (business) suits across the globe. If you can’t afford a separate pair of patent leather or polished calf leather plain Oxfords,  the black calf leather cap toes may serve double duty as a tuxedo shoe because it is considered by some to be the poor man’s evening shoe, although technically it is not formal  enough for traditional black tie. That being said, it is never correct to wear it with white tie.


This shoe style is easy to mix with a variety of outfits and suitable to the hot weather in summer. Identifying characteristic of Boat Shoe is that its lace is quite short with usually two or three eyelets and the base is made of anti-slip rubber. Men’s shoe style that was popular in hot weather with style as casual linen shirts, T-shirts, shorts, chinos or jeans. Remember, never to combine this with offline shoe.The boat shoe, also known as the deck shoe and Top-Sider, has followed the well-trodden path from being purely work/utility wear to becoming a truly classic piece of men’s footwear (and women’s, too).

Before the advent of the modern boat shoe, sailors and boatmen alike struggled to maintain a firm foothold on the slippery decks of their boats.  The shoes available to them were just not up to the task and as one can imagine this lead to frequent accidents, not to mention hilarious and embarrassing situations. Nowadays, this is very popular type of shoe for man. The boat shoes have moc-toe construction; traditionally they have mid- to dark-brown leather uppers, but, today, uppers are available in both canvas and leather in various colors and patterns.


Another type of men’s shoes being similar to boat shoes in design and suitable for use in summer weather is Driver loafer. This is also popular men’s shoes in recent market. Inspired by the design of moccasin shoes (lazy shoes) of Aboriginal, and as its name implies, this shoe was originally designed to replace the traditional shoes while driving. To distinguish the Boat and Driver, you just look at the soles of shoes, it would be not a plastic substrate layer like in Boat, in Driver shoe, the sole of shoe is many arrays of rubber interspersed by certain vignette rule or merely is small particles be straightly aligned. And usually, driving loafer does not have the lace system. Therefore, it is also very suitable to women.

The car shoe is expertly engineered to keep your two feet as comfortable as possible while navigating the road on four wheels; the car shoe was the footwear equivalent of the Italian auto spirit, marrying luxury with practicality.The 1960’s were a glorious era for Italian automobiles. Fiat was on fire as the innovative Gianni Agnelli took over the reins at the company and the export of Italian autos was fueling interest in the gorgeous roadsters around the world, both of which lead to one the country’s most important development. This is car shoe, now is known as driving loafer.


A shoe style fits perfectly in circumstances requiring polite and luxury dress code. Slipper shape is quite easily to distinguish from other types of men’s shoes because of its minimalist, mix it with a tuxedo suit and a tie will highlight your overall outfit. “Slippers” is also called “House Shoes”, because it is very comfortable and convenient. Especially, in winter days, this is the most suitable shoe for men to keep your feet warm. However, today, Slipper has many types for you to choose, even for summer days.

The word comes from the verb “to slip”.  It is thought that slippers were originally from the East but they have been worn in many countries.  The earliest recorded reference of the slipper was in the 12th Century by a Southern Song Dynasty Officer.  These slippers had a thong to fit between the toes or a leather strap across the foot and the outsoles would have been made of leather.  In the West, slippers were first recorded around 1478. Today, slippers come in many styles, Slip-On Slippers, Boot Slippers, Novelty Slippers and Moccasin Slippers.  They can be made from different types of materials from leather, suede, wool to manmade materials with outsoles being made from again a variety of different materials like leather, rubber or EVA.


Penny Loafer is a very versatile product, it can be used all year round, suitable to office environment when accompanied with trouser and casual style when mixed with khaki chinos pant; the elegant and simple design of the shoes is reflected by detail of no wireless or button. Besides, the horizontal strap is a specific characteristic to identify a pair of loafer. Penny Loafer can be worn in both formal office and street style or casual style with or without socks.

In 1936 (some sources put the date as 1934), the G.H.Bass shoe company introduced its version of the loafer, and the company is known for it to this day. Their design included a distinctive strip of leather (the saddle) of the shoe with a diamond-shaped cut-out. Their version of the loafer was named Weejuns (to sound like Norwegians – a nod to the Norwegian roots of the shoe) to differentiate them from the Spaulding loafer. Weejuns became immensely popular in America, especially among the Prep School students in the 1950s, who coined the term Penny Loafer. Legend has it that they, wishing to make a fashion statement, took to inserting a penny into the diamond shaped cut out of their Weejuns.In the 1930’s the Duke of Windsor was a big proponent of penny loafers, and he often wore a brown and white two-tone Penny Loafer with his suits. And, penny loafer, today, you can catch its image in anywhere. This is enough to prove that it is one of the most popular men’s shoes.


Chukka is one of the most common boots for men, the shoe is the British army used during World War II. When marching and fighting in the desert, the big combat boots are easy to let sand go to inside causing itching, discomfort for the foot when moving. They need something tighter, a connected pelt and do not need thick rubber soles to grip the ground. And from this, Chukka (Desert Boots) came into being.

Identifying characteristic of this boost is that on there are two to three eyelets and the shoe neck just has height of equal or a little bit higher than ankle. This type of shoes is usually made from suede or calfskin; it fits casual style when paired with jeans, and does not be encouraged to use in corporate environments.Because there are so many varieties, it is not entirely clear what a real Chukka boot is and what is not. However, in studying what chukka shoe is, pay attention that a Chukka Boot has the following features:Lace up ankle boots, they reach the ankle and no further, two or three lacing eyelets; anything else is not a chukka boo; traditionally made from calfskin suede leather; rounded toe-box; two parts each made from a single piece of leather, the quarters are sewn on top of the vamp; open lacing, thin soles; soles traditionally made of leather,; historically unlined.

The above article is collection of the mostpopular men’s shoes in the world. They are very useful, suitable for many cases; depending on your own occasions and your style, choose for yourself some types you want in this list. And do not to worry about their fashionable characteristic. Surely that, even many more decades pass, they will not be untrendy. Thank you for your reading this tittle; and if you think that is helpful for you, please rate it five-star at the bottom of screen, and share it to your friends. See you in the next articles.

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The most preferred forms of men’s shoes
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