The most popular fashion trends in 2016


Fashion is the theme that makes the girls to be “excited”. The fashionistas are always sought for themselves the most fashionable items. Let’s look back at 2016 to find out which are the most popular fashion trends in 2016?


For followers of fashion, the handbag is one of the indispensable accessories of girlfriends. A suitable bag with items on the body will help the girls feel more confident. Boxy handbag is one of the modernist choices of young people in 2016.

The stylish boxy handbag designs are the hottest item at the beginning of 2016, with an elegant and luxurious design bag, owning one boxy handbag is certainly the dream of all the girls. The boxy bags made by leather materials with simple ornamentations will help you look extremely “luxury” and sexier than ever. With modern design, being both luxury and youthful, energetic square structure, the boxy handbags bring classic beauty but equally trendy for users.

The big names like Dolce &Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton and Salvatore Ferragamo, etc. launched many styles of small boxy bag with different themes to satisfy the wishes of the followers. If Dolce &Gabbana decorates picky, meticulous motifs on the bags like the jewelry boxes, Lanvin or Alexander McQueen only cover their bags by minimalist color snakeskin, making modern style.


Culottes is a short name to express knee-length pants with big legs that is look very stylish and fashion; it was a trend in 2015, and once again became fashion symbol in 2016. Culottes marked an impressive comeback with an impressive stylized style, more suitable with modern fashion. This pant is the fashion item being vogue in the late of 70s and now it has reappeared making the most fashionable girl also would be lose her sleep. In 2016, cullotes is the fashion trend for all girls, especially the office ones!

Baggy pants have ever made a “storm” across all the world’s catwalks and streets. Spacious, comfortable and luxurious, and personality are the outstanding features of this fashion item. We can say, baggy pants are ideal definition for warm sunny weather of spring / summer with the liberal but still hugely delicate appearance on each design that the designers use for them.

Currently, this type of clothing has become more sophisticated, more elegant when made by the high-quality materials, from which, fashion followers can use them in many different circumstances including walking around and working at office. Not only that, the sets of items that are cared carefully with baggy pants always express charm, elegant of menswear trend immensely preferred by ladies.


Gentle and lovely scarf is the simplest option helping you to “refresh” your set to be trendier to express the subtle and elegance. A gentle scarf can make a very prominent and personality point for your look. For this type of small silk scarf, you need a little delicate, a little understanding of fashion sense, and a little ‘luxury’ because cannot all girls apply this style because it is quite ‘weird’.

You can choose square-silk scarf with many different textures and colors causing fever in 2016. This type is designed as a long, thin ribbon with only 3-5 cm horizontally. In the winter that is not too cold as this year, you can mix your clothes with silk scarf to impress more for your style.

Another option also being one of popular the silk scarf types is long-silk scarf. This scarf is suitable for decorating the outer of shirt, and wear with the vest or jacket, etc. giving the neat, polite appearance for the modern office girls. With this scarf, you just need to apply on like a tie; that means one short and one long. Your clothes will become more impressive with this unique scarf ligaturing.


Off shoulder strapless shirt has been interested since the late of 2015. However, 2016 witnessed the very strong return of this form with lots of lovely variations from T-shirt to shirt. Sexy shoulders is the attraction every gaze girlfriend. Charming, feminine but liberal, sexy and a little shy – there are not really many fashion items having all of these criteria.

Whether the new trends are different and interesting, off- shoulder items still occupies a large space in the closet of a stylish ladies and always be popular in the hot summer days. And with the weather of little chilly days, you can combine thick knitted materials with off-shoulder shirt. Also, a bow on the shirt is also likely to be looking for in 2016.

A beautiful off-shoulder shirt is extremely suitable when mixed with skinny jeans. The simple skinny jeans or ripped jeans will make you more stylish. High waistband pants will help you extend the legs and can show your slim waistline if you love sexy style. For those hot summer days, off-shoulder crop-top style is the perfect choice for street style. Mix it with wide-brimmed hat or sandals, you will comfortably down to the street.


Referring to the “hot” summer fashionable items, we cannot fail to mention the pleated skirt. With multi small pleated lines, this trend keeps girls relent, feminine and youthful. Pleated skirt is quite well in coordination with patterns of shirts, blouses, feminine high heels and small belts.

With many advantages in both style and substance, the pleated skirt is worthy outfits in girls’ closet. Design with spread form combined with cleverly pleated lines, the skirt will give you the professional look when going to work, tenderness when down to street.

You can keep it relaxed and casual by teaming your bottom with an awesome black aviator jacket, black tee, light beige skirt, black tights, booties and oversized sunglasses.If you have a slim top and curvy bottom body, then pleated skirt might cover and hide some unwanted to see areas. I love to see women adding cool blazers on bright/printed top.

If you have a curvy top, then pleated skirt will for sure balance the whole look. Keep the top light. Indeed, it’s better to choose light fabrics and lightweight silhouettes. My personal favorites are the skirts with beautiful waistband. Just look at the images where ladies appear in gorgeous shirts tucked in these eye-catching bottoms.


If you love the youthful and a little personality fashion sense combining with breath of street, the overall dress would be appropriate choice.

Overall trousers are preferred because they are comfort, dynamic and can show bold personality. Fashionable trouser was not stranger to the fashion followers. Trousers are made from many different materials such as denim, jeans, khaki, etc. with varied designs, easily giving you a youthful style. With denim overall trouser, you can be confident and comfortable to walk around town, picnic or even join in the birthday parties with friends.


Not only overall trousers, overall dress also appear in many fashion stores to meet the needs of dressing beautiful clothes of gentle, feminine girls. Overall dress possesses many diverse styles from spread to skinny form, short or long or stylized with wire. In particular, a number of overall dresses have detachable wire to help you freely choose style to wear.

The most popular fashion trends in 2016
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