The most horror dishes in the world, do you dare to try?


Referring to eating, surely, anyone of us also thinks of those delicious dishes, being exotic and having flavor characteristics of each region.

However, today, will introduce to you some of the horror foods in the world to refer, and if there is a chance, you should try these dishes once to know.

The most horror foods in the world


This dish is popular at Asian and Africa countries. Fresh monkey brain is rooted in China, Chinese people believe that when men eat this food, the fresh monkey’s brain will help to enhance vitality and be very good for male physiology. However, there is no any scientist has verified and confirmed about this rumor.

Fresh monkey’s brain is not properly cooked, it is used directly; there are many ways for them to enjoy this horror food, but the most common ways still are:

  • A chef will catch a alive baby monkey, tie monkey’s hands and feet and put it under the table, in the upper of the table, there is a small hole being right enough to deliver the head part of the monkey throughout.
  • Their customers will sit around the table, use a small hand saw, cut off the monkey’s head while it is alive and has to struggle under the table for praying. The blood runs out, they squeeze lemon and eat directly.

After the monkey’s brain are exhausted by diners, the remaining body of the monkey will be restaurant owner used to cook and then sells to tourists to macerate alcohol soaked; they also said that the alcohol macerated with monkey will bring better health, and good body, increase vitality.

Some cases have been fatal after eating fresh monkey’s brain, because the monkey’s brain contains many bacteria or the monkeys being infected, when being killed, the bacteria inside them not cooked will infect to the human body and lead to death.


This dish originates from Korea, then spreads to several countries in Southeast Asia, usually in other countries, when fishermen catch octopus from the sea, they will be chill then bring to ashore for sale. However, in Korea, after catching octopus they have to keep them in an artificial environment, to make sure they do not die then quickly bring to the mainland for providing to the restaurants.

After receiving the live octopus from fishermen, the restaurants will continue keep them an artificial environment until diners want to eat or order, at this time, they will begin to bring live octopuses for diners to enjoy. The guests will eat the live octopus, put them into his mouth and eat. Most of restaurants use the small octopuses to must not cut into pieces before eating, but if the octopuses are too big, they will use the scissor to separate the live tentacles to serve the diners.

Have you ever imagined that you put live octopus in your mouth, and its tentacles cling and wrap around your mouth yet? This is also one of the world’s most horror foods, right?

There are many recorded cases that people eating live octopus die because octopus’s tentacles are still alive after eating due to not properly cooked and thoroughly chewed, they cling to the throat and cause difficulty breathing, the brain is supplied insufficiently oxygen and they died.


This dish originates from Vietnam, tiet canh is made from fresh blood of animals, and the animals used tomake tiet canh are: goats, cows, ducks, pigs, rabbits, etc.

Before preparing to slaughter animals, they will cut off a part of their neck to get fresh blood into a basin or large bowl, depending on the animal’s blood amount, they use some spices to prevent coagulation immediately after expose to the external environment. They use a portion of meat and cartilage of slaughtered animals to boil, mince and put into bowls, then they pour the blood part into these bowls as long as the fresh blood cover all the cooked food inside the bowls. After processing, leaving 5 minutes – 10 minutes, tiet canh (blood) will be frozen, this time they squeeze lemon and use.

According to people, this dish can control body temperature, eating it in the summer will help cool the body, and enjoying it in winter will help increase body heat and keep warm. They often use this dish with self-cooked alcohol. There are a few recorded cases that be died after eating tiet canh; because the blood of animals contains many bacteria, after eating, the bacteria directly attack on the respiratory and blood leading to cocci infection and death.


This dish is originated from Vietnam. They will boil duck eggs after incubating about 2-3 weeks and eat with laksa leaves and lemon pepper salt.

Depending on the preference of each person, their tastes are also different; some people use the type of premature balut incubated for about 2 weeks. This time, the larger part inside the egg is yolk, the duck part will be less and soft. Also there are many people like mature eggs be incubated for about 3 weeks, at which time, the duck inside the egg is larger, sometimes you need to pluck its hairs to make it edible.

Vietnam people think that balut has many nutrients, it helps the body recover faster after illness, and provides a large amount of protein.

Currently, this dish has been common in many other countries including China, Cambodia, Philippines, etc. Up to now, there is not any death case recorded by eating balut because this dish was cooked.


This is also the dish originated in Western of Vietnam. Vole’s meat is processed very carefully, in paddy harvest time, people here usually carry many items to catch mice and make food.

Voles are prepared into many dishes including:

  • Grilled field mouse (pluck fur, eviscerate, remove organs, and grill whole body)
  • Field mouse is fried with chili and lemon grass (pluck fur, eviscerate, remove organs, cut into small pieces, marinate with spicy and cook)
  • Field mouse soaked in rice wine (to soak whole mouse into the rice wine, and drink, usually newborn mice)

According to statistics, after each harvest, Vietnamese Western people catch about 3 million field mice to consume and use as food. However, this is the kind of animals living all around the year, in normal days; they still can catch voles by burrowing but less in quantity.

Currently, there are a few cases of deaths because of bubonic rats, and most of this cases are caused by catch the wrong mice – disease rat; on the other hand, because rats are carefully prepared and cooked, this dish is also very safe.


It is also the food derived from Vietnam. In general, this dish is somewhat frightening because the coconut worm larvae are very much like a worm; but this dish is very rich in nutrients, the coconut worm larva is listed in the top one of the specialties that not anywhere also has.

Rooted in western of Vietnam, where has the towering coconut lines, the coconut worm larva is a natural borer inside petioles, stems and dried coconut stuck on top tree.

Coconut worm larvae can be used to make a lot of delicious dishes including: devour, porridge, fry, dipping sauce, grilled, and so on.

This dish is nutritious and safe for the users, so if you have the opportunity to travel in Western of Vietnam, you should try this coconut worm larva dish once to know special flavor.


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The most horror dishes in the world, do you dare to try?
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