The most effective therapy for sleep disorders


Unlike insomnia, sleep disorder is a very common disease in many age groups especially those who have a habit of nighttime activities and using stimulants. Your sleep is not deep, you often wake up suddenly and hard to fall asleep again, or wrong time sleeping is also a sign of the sleep disorder.

In today article, will share with you the causes of the sleep disorder and the most effective therapy.

According to Robert Oexman, Director of Sleep to Live Institute in America, there are nearly 50 million people in USA suffering sleep disorders, among them, the most popular subject is women because of specific problems such as menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause, etc.

It is very simple to find out if you have sleep disorders or not, you often have the habit of sleeping late, moody dream, sleepy time does not follow the biological clock, especially you often have the ” Temporary sleeps ” – the sleeps usually come around 15-17 p.m or 3-4a.m.

Sleep disorders are usually as a result of a number of reasons: for women, they are more likely suffered at the “late afternoon” stage, this time is when your body starts the age of menopause. For the rest ages, the reasons mostly are abnormal menstrual cycle and when you are pregnant, stress, and so on. However, using stimulants or addictive drugs such as alcohol and tobacco are also responsible for sleep disorders in women.

For men, sleep disorders usually occur between the ages of 30-45, this is the time you need to focus more on the job, you often have dating in the bar, stay upall night with your colleagues with alcohol bottles, the work tableis full of files that make you stress, are also responsible for sleeping disorders in men.

Up to now,there are no available medications to treat this disease, but scientists recommend that you should apply the following treatments to improve your sleep and reduce sleep disorders by up to 90%.

  • If you have uneven sleeps, sleepiness does not come in a certain cycle, try to not allow you to fall into “temporary sleep”, just go to bed for relaxing body, refreshing your mind after 21p.m every day and wake up at 5a.min the next morning to do some light exercises or jog about 5km. On the one hand, these activities will help your body gradually gets into habit, on the other hand, they also help your body move making better blood circulation. At this time, you need the conventional exercises and should not abuse assistive devices.


  • Get rid of stimulants like alcohol, tobacco, etc. out of your body, of course you cannot create this habit or within a few days, but trying to forget them will make your bodybetter and fall asleep easily. Tobacco is the primary cause of nervous system’s fatigue when you try to sleep, alcohol also directly affects your nervous system, but if you use regularly about 1-2 glasses of water before going to sleep you will feel relax and have better sleeps.


  • Do not sit in front of computer screen or use the phone for too long in the evening before going to sleep, because the light on the computer screen and the phone will cause an eye disease, which also contributes to sleep disorders, that is called Computer Vision Syndrom (CVS). Instead, you should read some books before going to bed, this is a good light exercise for the eyes before you go to sleep.


  • You must train yourself to a suitable activity schedule, sleep at around 9p.m and wake up at 6a.m every day. Your body needs at least 8 hours a day for sleeping, so if your sleep is less than 8 hours, you will be tired and have many gastrointestinal diseases such as peptic ulcer. Of course, depending on your daily work, you need to arrange and organize sleeps in the most reasonable schedule, should not act against biological clock.

If you follow the above steps, you canrepel sleep disorders very well, after a few months of practicing, the eyes go into the routine and you can remove this problem forever and no longer worry about your sleep.

The sleep is important because it has a direct effect on your health, according to some scientific studies, people who suffer from long sleeplessness are more prone to stroke and their longevity will be reduced. If a person does not fall asleep within 7 days, his body will fall into a clinical death state being unable to control himself and fall into coma.

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The most effective therapy for sleep disorders
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