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What are your baby’s favorite characters? Hairy lions, little green frog with big eyes, the small fairy in Peterpan? Understand baby, baby clothes manufacturers have introduced hundreds of cosplay models help your children delight to transform into favorite characters. There are many kinds of baby clothes with many different lovely and fun shapes.

We invite you to consult these samples for cute outfits for the baby below!


If you’re wondering to choose costumes for your baby in this hallowen season, an outfit with animal form would be an interesting option. The bunny with bewildered faces in lovely pink coat, or the hardworking bee girls with eye-catching colors, what would you choose for your baby?

The designers have created a lot of overall costumes for your baby to help record the lovely moments in the journey of baby mature. If your baby likes animals, how do you think about choosing a cute cow jumpsuit, or a chiken jumpsuit, etc. for your child to record 1-year-old landmark.

A crocodile might be well suit to mischievous boy or girl.

Depending on the age of the baby, you can choose the appropriate outfit. You also can also choose a cute outfit according to the baby’s birth. For example, your baby born in pig’s year, you can choose for your baby a plump pig clothes and capture the baby’s adorable expressions.


This idea is very interesting, right? How about a boy Harry Potter, or a sparkling girl Tinker Bell?

Children are always the most wonderful and fairy with all of us. Currently, in the market, there are many costumes having inspiration from the fairytales for the baby. Instead of choosing the clothes in animal form for the baby, you can choose for your princess a glamour tutu or a chic suit for your prince.

Your little angel will be extremely bright in the sparkling outfit with fairy wings that he/she still loves through the familiar fairy stories.

If you want to change, want their baby to be more particular in important occasions, a cute witch outfit with a broomstick will make you remember and can never forget. We’ll have the innocent and adorable witch babies, but still have mischievous characteristic.

Along with that, let’s make up the hair and select for your baby the suitable shoes matching with the outfits. And combining with photoshop effects, make sure that you will admire the most beautiful and the most shining princess and the prince in the world. This will be a immensely cute gift for the baby now and later when look back the memories.


Super man, Spider man, etc. Do you now them and do your children love them? Surely, they love them so much. So let choose one of them to become your child’s style in this occation. These legendary cartoon characters never lost attraction to other children. That is why your baby boy will never refuse this gift. There are many characters for you to choose, and be sure that this character is your children’s favorite.

Not that so, these clothes can bring you back to the chilhood. Who knows that you had time of wearing this kind of clothes. Have you ever dressed as sticker, pooh bear, mickey mouse, etc. Let’s compare your photos with your children’s ones, you will find something more interesting.


For the popular costumes for boys as jeans, shirts, cotton clothes, etc., just need to cleverly combine them with accessories, you have “refreshed” style for baby in this year.

Tubular scarves, hats, handbags, necklaces, bracelets, etc. are the accompanying accessories when “mix” clothes as Hip hop style. Your baby will definitely have a style full of strong and lovely.

Designed in the style of hip hop helps the kids active, comfortably have fun all day. This style is suitable for babies to wear when going out with the family, going to the party as well as going to school. Nowadays, the hip hop style outfits for the baby are extremely popular. You can easily select and buy the clothes, accessories in this trend for the children at the stores or on the websites with various designs, and rich colors.

If the costume patterns introduced above are suitable for special occasions, especially for girls, then this hip hop costume patterns are very suitable for the baby’s daily activities, especially for the boys.

Surely, you have not forget the image of baby girl in appearance of no-face on the Internet in previous time yet. She is so cute,so lovely in the 2016 Halloween occation. And we hope that, the above information would help you choose the best style and clothes for your baby. With the lovely clothes for baby, you can easily save the memorable moments in the life of your little angel

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The lovely clothes for baby
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