The Japanese foods you should try at least once


Referring to Japan, we will think of the landscapes and the cuisine being extremely abundant and attractive. Japanese cuisine is not just a simple cuisine, cuisine in this country also contains sense of art. The foods here bring a frugal, refined and meticulous in the way of decoration.

And today’s article, we will learn and “enjoy” the delicious Japanese dishes being famous worldwide, considered as traditional and unique culture feature of this “land of Sunrise”. These are also the dishes that we could not do not enjoy when coming to Japan.


The first traditional Japanese food you should try when come here is Sushi. Surely no need to introduce, you still can know how much the Japanese sushi is famous. Sushi is a name of a dish consisting of rice mixed with vinegar, combined with some kinds of material, most commonly seafood. There are many types of sushi but the one that Japanese people and tourists prefer the most is conveyor sushi, because it is not only cheap but also very easy to meet on the roads in Japan.

Sushi is one of the dishes never lacking in the diet of the Japanese. Especially, on the traditional holidays, sushi appears on the table with various colors, flavors. This dish may sound simple with a few slices of meat or seafood placed on a ball of cooked rice. But in Japanese cuisine, the more simple the more delicate and skillful combination is required . Therefore, to make the pieces of beautifully and delicious sushi, chef must take training time in about 7 years to be maturity enough to use about knives and choose materials.


If Sushi is a symbol of Japanese food culture in the traditional feast of combination of the green field flavor and the sea flavor, the Sashimi is the ‘queen’ of pure taste from the vast ocean. Sashimi is a Japanese traditional cuisine, is a collection of all the freshest seafoods. Seafoods used to make sashimi must have “sashimi criteria”, being caught by separate instruments, right after catching must be treated followed a special procedure to ensure the freshness of the Sashimi pieces.

Because sashimi is uncooked dish, when fishing from sea, the Japanese fishermen will use a steel rod and make a dart for the fish’s head so it will die instantly, then quickly put on ice bucket for preservation. They said, when fishes die quickly, their bodies will produce less lactic acid, so can be stored for 10 days, as well as making sashimi more fresh, tastier and safer. The Japanese often eat sashimi with soy sauce, wasabi, ginger, vinegar and sake.


In Japanese, tako means octopus, yaki is grill, this is a kind of octopus and wheat powder, containing special salty flavor of the sea, sublimating along with the cool flavor of the countryside. Unlike most of other foods originated from the Japan which are very picky, takoyaki cake is quite simple that virtually anyone can go into the kitchen to make it. Being simple from processing method, presentation style to enjoying style, takoyaki reveals part of people’s personalities in mysterious Osaka land: rustic, simplicity, candor.

Not only the Japanese people, but tourists are very interested and passionate in this attractive street food. Just with wheat flour, dashi powder, tenkasu powder, eggs, green onions, cabbage, red ginger, octopus, etc. and cake mold, you are ready for tasty takoyaki cake. All the materials used for the takoyaki’s center part are chopped, only octopus is boiled then sliced, particularly crunchy tentacles section. To make, the chef will pour the ingredients in a hemispherical mold and when a half of cake is cooked, they will quickly turn it over to fry the remaining part. Many Japanese tourists had shared, eating Takoyaki at the same time to see the chef make it is a pleasant experience.


It is really remiss when referring to traditional Japanese cuisine but skip the cake being delicious, beautiful, sophisticated and elite of Japan. The cakes are made mostly from rice flour, glutinous flour, red beans, fruit, etc. Under the skillful hands being given magic of the artisans, the raw become the lovely, cute pies. The pastries are an integral part of the tea ceremonies and traditional rituals of Japan.

Wagashi are small works of art to satisfying the profound needs of the beauty of the cuisine. It can be a small butterfly, a sakura bud starting bloom, a petite robins, etc. only a few pies are enough to make people feel that spring is coming. But not only the spring, “each season”, wagashi cakes usually seasonal changes in the shape, the color, the composition, and the taste. Wagashi can be made from wheat flour, rice flour, powder white beans, green beans, red beans, etc. the gentle sweetness of wagashi is very suitable for green tea’s tannins. So Japanese people always serve wagashi in tea time, along with a small skewer. Wagashi is also a symbol of hospitality, people often donate it in the wedding ceremony, birthday, and so on.


No need to introduce so much, surely we all know about the Japanese noodles. Soba is made from buckwheat, small fiber and has specific gray color; Udon is made from wheat flour, big fiber and has milky color, somen and ramen noodles are also made from flour, with finer fibers than soba’s.

The Japanese people have the custom of eating soba noodles on the last day of the year to say goodbye  the old year, and welcome a new year of luck and health. Chewy long soba noodles also symbolizes for human longevity, so soba noodle is also considered a symbol of luck, a cultural feature in Japanese cuisine. The origin of this noodle is also the name of the soba cereal. Meanwhile, Udon noodle is renowned noodle and national essence of Japanese cuisine. It is thought that udon was brought from China to Japan. Udon noodle is different from Soba because it is quite thick, the thickest among the Japanese noodles. The most basic and traditional Udon noodle of Japan is Kake-udon dish. This dish is a popular dish in the hot summer months. In the winter, Udon is usually cooked in broth along with seafood, meat and vegetables.

The above is the most popular and delicious dishes of Japan. Each dish contains flavor of the region where it comes from and expresses the most exquisite features of Japanese cuisine. So, let’s visit Japanese and try these famous dishes. Thank you for visiting the website, wish you have the enjoyable experience with much more good, attractive foods. Do not forget to rate 5-star at the end of each article and share this article with your friends if you feel it is useful.

Goodbye and see you again in the next articles!

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The Japanese foods you should try at least once
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