The ghost village in China you should visit when travelling to this country


The striking thing when visiting the ghost village in China is you always hear a lot of laughs, chatting voices of many people, but, in fact, there is not any one around you and surround here.

Today’s article of will accompany you to travel to Sanmenxia city, Henan province, China and discover this interesting thing.

This area has more than 10.000 houses built firmly under the ground with the depth of 6-8m; if come to this village in winter you will feel very warm because the northeaster cannot blow to. In contrast, when travel to here in summer, you cannot feel the hot air thank to the depth of nearly 10m, there is no sunshine can go through.

If it is the first time you come to the ghost Chinese village, you will be surprised, like there are invisible people here because before you come in, you will hear the noisy sound like the sound at the market. However, you cannot see any person, even the shadow or any house above the ground.

These houses were built under the ground, suit poor people here; this village was established from long time ago, about 4000 years ago, in ancient times. Since the pauperization and to avoid dangerous animals, people found out this way; the houses in this area have square shape to avoid narrowing the inner space.

Each house has tunnels to go down from the ground and crossing all the houses as an alley on the ground; the light is get from a public yard and by using simple tools with glossy surface such as mirror to bring the light to each house.

According to some records, these houses have existed since the Qing Dynasty; they can create well-irrigated well having ability of anti-waterlog, avoiding hard rains, preventing earthquake and soundproof. However, in the fact, no one can explain the work of ever-present irrigation system and avoiding earthquake under the ground.

This village has been Henan provincial government protected and promoted as a tourism symbol; up to now, the underground houses have position in list of national heritages, have own electricity and clean water source. If you want to stay for discovering this location, you can also rent a basic room with price of about 30$ for month, or you can rent a whole house of 50.000$ with enough basic facilities: bath room, WC for a four-member family.

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The ghost village in China you should visit when travelling to this country
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