The favorite food of dogs and cats


How to choose the food for dog and the food for cat is a question always making you have to think because their diets are totally different to humans.

Dogs love to eat canned tablet food, like the food with rich in fat and protein, such as meat mixed with a little of fat, pig heart, whereas cat food is not exactly the same with that of dog, cats prefer chewy dishes like fat, cooked animal viscera, the cats do not like canned tablet food.


Do not think that raising dogs is expensive because their diet is very low, the dogs absorb energy very well so they do not need to eat so much, but still grow and develop well. If we regularly let them go out for a walk or jog along with you, you can food them one and a half of the normal diet.

The food for dog is also very easy to find, you can go to the snack shop, choose the following fast foods for them, these are the dishes that they very enjoy.

  • BLUE Freedom® Adult Dog Food – Grain Free
  • NUTRO® Large Breed Adult Dog Food – Natural, Chicken, Brown Rice & Oatmeal
  • Authority® Adult Dog Food – Lamb & Rice
  • BLUE Wilderness® Large Breed Adult Dog Food – Grain Free, Salmon
  • Bil-Jac® Select Adult Dog Food – Chicken

Two cups of milk per day in the morning and evening as well as can make them be happy, milk also can complement sufficient nutrients for them; milk is the favorite drink of dogs, typically, 3-kg dog consumes about 6 liters of milk per month.

Dogs love to eat human’s daily foods like fish, meat, or heart (an organ in the animal viscera), so you do not forget to complement these to the collection of dog’s food some times per week to improve nutritional quality for them.

Dogs do not like to eat vegetables, so you do not need to food them this food. But vegetables is also very necessary for daily diet of the dog, therefore, you need to use one of the above types of canned food to complement nutrition for your pet, because the experts have researched and produced products providing complete nutrition in every meal for dog in the processed pellet food.


In contrast to the dogs, cats do not like the pellet food, they prefer the foods cooked in the daily diet of the people like fish, meat, and fat, mixed with cooked rice.

Food for cats is also more complex than for the dogs and the cats do not like to eat vegetables, so you need to choose for them the soft form of canned food, not dry like pellet food for dogs, only canned food can provide enough vitamins found in green vegetables for your pet cat.

The favorite canned food kinds of cat

  • Purina® Friskies® Savory Shreds Cat Food
  • Purina® Friskies® Tasty Treasures Cat Food
  • Fancy Feast® Grilled Delights Cat Food
  • Purina® Pro Plan® Adult Cat Food
  • Purina® Friskies® Indoor Cat Food

You should also add food that being rich in protein to the collection of food for cat, such as chicken heart, liver, guts, etc. these are the food with smell stimulating the taste of cat. The cats eat very little so you do not need to process so much, a few grams for each meal is enough for them.

Fresh milk for cats is also their favorite drink, in general, each cat being about 1.5kg in weight would consume 1 liter of milk each month, you can choose to buy the milk box that is small enough for them to use for a period of 2-3 days, and remind that storing in cold environment or in good temperature followed the instruction on the product packaging, avoid the issue that the product is rancid directly affecting the health and causing digestive diseases for cat.

Cat is very difficult animal to breed, so you should do regularly medical examination for their health in order to receive advice about nutrition as well as vaccination of certain diseases in animals. Hopefully, you can take care of your pets well and choose the best nutritional products for them. If this article is useful, please rate 5 stars at the end of the article, and widely share for everyone to know how to choose food for dog and food for cat!


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The favorite food of dogs and cats
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