The effective negotiation skills in business


“Negotiation” is tool for reaching the best result that we respect from the partners; it is a communication process in business agreement or communication.

The negotiation appears every day, in everywhere at every time in our life. However, to manipulate the skills of negotiation and get the win, we need the clever and tact, today article, will suggest you 6 effective negotiation skills as follows.

Firstly, we need to know negotiate for what? Why do we need negotiate?

As a preparing step for the fight, it is necessary to define what your end-target is. If the result is not like the expectation, how can we soothe it? When defining clearly, you can win more easily. The next are gestures after first meeting such as an affectionate smile, a handshake expressing the respect to the opponent also help you get the first point in this negotiation.

In some cases, the negotiation is out of the preconception, depending on the purpose of the negotiation (example purchase negotiation, bargaining negotiation, etc.), we adjust the situation to be reasonable. Trying to finish in champion is the best; it is not necessary to win right at the first time, but the way you deal situation in front of your opponent is enough for you to get points for the next negotiations.

Market is not a battlefield

In the modern life, this is very important; in market, we need to work together to get the best results in which both parties are the winners. For example, on the one hand, Mr. A achieves the target of owning Mr. B’s share, and on the another hand, Mr. Bfeel satisfied with the price that Mr. A made.

Modern business is not focus to the winner or loser; they care about benefit and always want both have benefit despite the fact that they are all swimming into the same river, because their target is revenue. The should-not thing in modern business is “do not build champion on the failure of others”.

Be the boatman and take the initiative

As the above, we have set the definition that “both are successful”, both parties are sitting on the same boat orare sailing on the same river, at that time, you need to active by showing that you are a “know boating” person and you’d better express this in the most successful in front of the opponent. This thing helps you to control the conversation and lead the opponent to enter your route; of course, do not force excessively or lead them by the nose.

To done this, you need to be skillful, psychological, persuasive and your communication skills must to achieve super level. Of course, experience is not contained in this article, you must to look back all acknowledge gained since beginning stepping to life to use when needed.

He who sees through life and death will meet with most success

You want to achieve negotiation skills at “highest” level, you need to be really acumen, need to realize target and capture the opponent’s intentions. As analyzing clearly in the above, sometimes the opponent also thinks like you do, they also refer documents on, and surely, both of you are equal in strength.

However, you and the other cannot have the same think, as well as the 100% same strategy; some parts, it will be different at face-to-face situation, and in this issue, you, let’s catch the opportunity and combat to get good result and advantage for yourself.

If cannot be successful, let’s be friends

The taboo in the negotiation is causing hatred for the opponent, not all negotiations have nice results as both parties expect, many negotiations collapsed seriously leading the two-party sentiment go to the bad status due to dissent. This time you have to remember a very important thing that if cannot be successful, let’s be friends.

Negotiation is like making friends, the two should have a few or many views in common, of course 2 people having completely different opinions cannot become close friends, but effective negotiation needs more factors than normal friendship, you need a little humility in front of the opponent to pay the way for next times, do not kick or get angry because it is the key to extinguish the negotiation early and there would be no chance to work together in future.

Achieved result

As recommended, depending on the negotiation’s purpose, both parties join hands to lead to the result to be as good as possible bringing benefit for the both. If this negotiation in business belongs to situation in which one party is bankrupting and the other want to purchase shares, the conflict is easily tohappen.

You should not force the opponent excessively or require them too much because this will make you to miss the opportunity for both, and accidentally, you also pay the way for the third man to collect trophies. For example, Mr. A is on the verge of bankruptcy, needs to sell1000 shares for Mr. B with price 1000 USD, but during the negotiation, Mr. B forces Mr. A and just agrees to buy by only $ 700, certainly, on the end-road Mr. A will sell for Mr. B to recover capital, but in this time, Mr. C enters and he may be buy at cheaper price than 700 USD or slightly higherthan the price Mr. B offered, so neither beneficial nor affection of both A-B achieve good results, while Mr. C can get the target result easily.

Therefore, for effective negotiation in business, you need to pay attention to achieved result in which all parties are mutually beneficial. These are what today article would like to share with you, let’s take one moment to rate 5 stars at the end of each post and share it to your friends. Have a nice negotiation; see you in the next articles!

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The effective negotiation skills in business
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