The best perfumes for women


The scent is always an effective tool to attract the attention of those around you. If still baffling search for a suitable scent, let us suggest to you the best perfumes for women. On the market, there are many famous perfume brands with many categories, so to find a perfume that best fits your own personality is not easy. The following suggestions are for those girls who are looking to the paradise of scents:


As one of the names of “premium” perfume in the world, Chanel still preserves its manners and charisma. From the first perfume with resounding success named Chanel No.5, until now the products of Chanel perfume are still very popular among stylish consumers. Chanel fragrance from its inception has unconventional feature being different to the same-age perfumes from the bottle until the creation in the fragrance. Time passes, the appeal of this brand has no signs of decline, and Chanel still retains its unique position compared to many other perfume brands.

Chanel No. 5 was the first perfume created from natural fragrance, because Mrs. Chanel thought that the women’s bodies are not only hide the natural fragrance of flowers, but also bring a delicate fragrance permeating to each of the senses. The first smell is mild mixture of rose, jasmine and vanilla, incense followed by bright pink flowers. Sandalwood, musk and a little vanilla will stagnate to be the last fragrance- strong and seductive. The number five is Mrs. Coco Chanel’s lucky number and that is the origin of the name Chanel No.5 that anyone concerns.


Launched in 1985, to date, Poison has never lost its position in the perfume market. Christian Dior is not only a talented designer but also a “sorcerer” of the fragrance world. Christian Dior Perfumes are passionate, charming but still retain the elegance required.

The famous fragrances in the world always have their own a unique attraction and they always put on sparkling outfits. Because they are the premium perfumes, they wear on the high prices that not everyone has the opportunity to own.

J’adore is a perfume bottle containing the essence of the famous brand Christian Dior. With women, it has a magical allure. J’adore is totally different from the other perfume bottles with the haughty physique of a woman. Dior created for it the bottleneck making people think of the chain of the women in the ancient Masai. Brilliant, sexy and sophisticated, J’Adore is fragrance honoring the return of feminine beauty. It carries the scent of a bouquet of fragrant orchids, velvety smooth feeling of plum at Damascus and warm sweet of Amarante wood.


Flora perfume is the fragrance launched in 2010 by the luxury fashion brand Gucci being famous around the world for hundreds of years of history in the field of fashion and cosmetics, especially for women.

Flora towards an image of the young girl – pure and full of life, like a flower that blooms in the new day; a ruddy brilliant beauty of youth. Specific scent Gucci Flora is prominent with perfume of citrus and peony, then charming with smell of roses and osmanthus, and finally ending with the warm aroma of wood kinds including sandalwood, patchouli and cedar wood. Immersed in a fragrant flower field, which is what Gucci Flora brings.


In the world of fragrance, the Cacharel Anaïs Anaïs is known as the purest and most feminine fragrance line. This is a perfume line loved by young girls because of youthful and charming fragrance. Anais is considered as an emerging star in the world of classic style perfume. A little of naive, a little of naive blend in a very mellow, charismatic way creating a lasting impression for Cacharel fragrance.

The scent evokes the elegant, aristocratic; once combining it with jeans – shirt outfit, you get the classic style of the 1960s. Was born in 1978, since then, Cacharel Anais always be remembered to the soft, pure and romantic scent evoking the image of a fragile and sensitive girl.


For those who preferred the French cosmetics, brand Lancome is already too familiar with hundreds of different types of beauty products from Lancome facial cleanser, lotion to Lancome makeup products, etc. and cannot fail to mention the scent of luxury, charming fragrance of French perfume-Lancome.

Lancome perfume became a symbol of European’s and whole world’s women of luxury, exquisite and excitation from aromas.

Tresor bears characteristic fragrance of Eastern roses. The exquisite fragrance droplets Lancome donates the girls express elegance, and luxury. Contained in gold twinkle bottle, each fragrance droplet named Tresor is enough to make your skin blooms. Lancome Tresor perfume was also named as the symbol of love and happiness.


With the name Opium (addictive drug), Yves Saint Laurent hopes everyone has feeling like he has. Only catching slight fragrance of Opium, they will have to put their noses to enjoy its sweetness, passionate smell. This aromatic water will bring you three different shades. Opium starts with a mixed smell of pepper and cinnamon with orange flavor, followed by the sweet taste of the passionate carnation, jasmine, roses come from the East. The final one is fragrance of herb, of patchouli evoking the old and familiar things along with the gently warm combination of vanilla and benzoin.


Angel of Thierry Mugler is considered as a unique product line of oriental flavor. Manufactured since 1992, Thierry Mugler Angel became the best-selling perfume in history.

It attracts people by the sweet smell of citrus, peach initially, and then gradually turns into vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli. The image of star gleaming in the sky of the perfume bottle exactly fits its name, the shine.

The best perfumes for women
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