The Best Free Horoscope Sites With Accurate Horoscope Prediction


What is the best thing about astrology and horoscope, especially horoscope prediction? It makes me feel proud and noble. Yes, someone said that before – “be noble for you are made of stars”.

Believe in astrology and horoscope or not, it’ still a special language for us (however, don’t read those overly manipulated stuff about astrology). Everything in this universe has a connection – that’s how the star signs and daily horoscope help us understand ourselves better.

Now, if you’re a fan of astrology, horoscope and self-exploring in accordance to the planet’s position, here is the list of the best and informative horoscope websites where you can find your star signs, daily horoscope, love horoscope, horoscope forecast and so on!


Founded in 1995 by Susan Miller – a professional and widely-known expert in the field – Astrology Zone is one of the oldest and most accurate horoscope and astrology sites. Susan’s predictions and analysis are very spot-on.

You can find in her website free daily horoscope, monthly horoscope, life and love predictions as well as many other horoscope forecasts.


Probably the name suggests that you might have a cup of coffee with you while reading the detailed astrology reports here.

Because it’s very long and there a plentiful of astrology and horoscope stuff in here – from astrology reports to birth charts, celebrity’s birth chart interpretations, horoscope forecasts, zodiac signs, love horoscope, etc.


CyberAstro is a very well-known astrology site which has more than 400,000 registered members in 192 countries all over the world.

It’s an astrological service site but they provide free horoscope service too. The site was founded in India in 1997 and you’ll see they have Indian horoscope too, which is pretty interesting.



Founded by astrology lovers since 1998, Astrology Club is where you find much information about astrology. The site’s best aspect is about its huge knowledge for astrology education and the analysis of ongoing historical events in the light of astrology.


Atrodienst is the right place for you if you are looking for an all-about-astrology and horoscope website. The site’s enormous library was built by the world’s leading astrologers such as Liz Greene, Robert Hand and many other authors. provides you with free horoscope service for daily horoscope, horoscope prediction and forecast, personality, horoscope for lovers, etc. There’s even an astrology wiki for you to dig deeper into the topic. Plus, they have an astrology shop too.


Ok, now I know where the guys at my local newspaper get the daily horoscope information from. has not only daily but also weekly, monthly and yearly horoscope for you. And each period they divide the information into different categories, from business, travel, sex, finance, etc.

That’s not all. This site also provides free tarot, Chinese astrology and numerology.

HOROSCOPE.COM offers you one of the widest range of free astrological and tarot content out there. You also have many interesting free offers like horoscope quizzes, zodiac sign finder, fortune teller, etc. from this site so take time and enjoy your reading here.


Founded by the professional astrologers and also astro-twins, Ophira and Tali Edut, AstroStyle brings you accurate horoscope forecasts for your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly as well as love predictions.

They have released many astrology books and one of them is a best-seller which is called “Momstrology” – an astrological parenting guide.


AstroThemes brings you a new approach to astrology. Here you’ll find free astrology reports, celebrity astrology, astrological calendar, forecasts, basic knowledge for horoscope and astrology…


This is an astrological service by Oscar and Johnathan Cainer. They provide free horoscope service too. Find much useful information with their spot-on weekly, monthly, personal charts, tarot and iching readings and more.

In case you haven’t known, Jonathan Cainer was the Daily Mail’s astrologer for more than 20 years and he passed away in 2016. Oscar was announced as his successor who has achieved in astrology.

Astrology is a way to live a fulfilling life

Astrology and horoscope or star signs aren’t something made up to trick people into false beliefs. It’s the perfect tool to help us have a creative approach to our life’s opportunities and how to tackle down our daily challenges. Treat astrology and horoscope right and you’ll have the diverse way to look at all the perspectives of life.

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The Best Free Horoscope Sites With Accurate Horoscope Prediction
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