The best facial caring products for women


There are many reasons why you should use good moisturizer products. Moisturizing the skin is an important step to have a healthy skin. The facial moisturizers can enhance the activity of the outermost layer of skin (epidermis). The epidermis is made up of fats, oils and skin cells helping the skin to retain moisture. Applying moisturizer helps your skin has certain moisture level and avoids peeling skin, especially in the cold season. Today, there are many types of moisturizers integrated sunscreen components helping you comprehensively protect your skin. Here is a collection of the best facial caring products for women that are widely believed to use:


This yellow moisturizer is considered as symbol product of more-than-40-year-old brand Clinique. Belonging to the famous essential 3-step skincare system of Clinque, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion is the best-selling product of the company; even in the whole world with a bottle is sold every 3.7 seconds. The concentrated odorless yellow cream has always done well its task – deep moisturizing the skin. As the advertising, this is dermatologist-developed formula combining all-day hydration with skin-strengthening ingredients to help skin look younger, longer; helps strengthen skin’s own moisture barrier by 54%, so more moisture stays in.

Generally, these components are nothing special; there are some controversial substances such as Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol Dicaprate. However, there were a lot of articles and reputable sites like Paula’s Choice indicated that they are safe for the health of users, with the concentration of extremely small and censorship of the US, then you do not need to worry. If unfortunately, you are allergic to these ingredients, you can select for a different product.


Jar of moisturizing cream has always been the focal point of La Mer for many years. Though it has a not cheap cost, about $ 295 / 60ml, Crème De La Mer always can convince the female’s skin by the effect that it brings. Being created with precious distilled water being nutrient rich that Miracle Broth researched for 12 years, this reputed facial moisturizing cream, beyond effect of moisturizing; it also helps regenerate and anti-aging for the skin. Many Hollywood stars are fans of this classic cream as Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Olivia Palermo, and so on.

Born from the sea, the legendary Crème de la Mer has the power to transform the skin. In a short time, firmness improves, lines, wrinkles and the look of pores become less visible, skin looks virtually ageless. Even the driest complexions are renewed and rejuvenated. With the nutrient-rich Miracle Broth™, the heart of La Mer’s profound powers of transformation, skin is immersed in moisture, sensitivities soothed, radiance restored.

The Miracle Broth™ in Crème de la Mer is suspended in an extraordinary formula. The secret to activating its renewing power and enjoying its profound benefits lies in a soothing ritual. Crème de la Mer must be warmed for a few seconds between the fingers until it becomes translucent, then pressed gently into the skin.


Being appeared for the first time in Estée Lauder’s product chain in 1982, a small brown bottle resonated in the cosmetics world by dint of technology, formula and unique texture making this product popular until now. With optimal care and regeneration for skin, Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair has been a leading star in the category for the damaged skin.

Ingredients bringing “godhood features” in ANR is “Bifida Ferment Lysate” (like Pitera in SK-II) – beneficial bacteria normally be used to support the digestive system, helps to reduce the level of skin sensitivity as well as enhances protection fence helping the skin recover. In addition, the product also contains Lactobacillus Ferment and Tripeptide-32, a peptide with ability of “cell-truyền” – a communication kind among skin cells, instructing these cells to work with the aim of keeping your skin in best state.

With the formula is increasingly innovated, the product helps to treat and prevent the signs of aging and gives the remarkably effects. In one survey, most women who have used the Advanced Night Repair will continue to use this product in the next 5 years, a great testament for the magical effect that brown bottle gives.


This is the most prominent product of Shiseido in the category of preventing aging. The exclusive Skingenecell 1P ingredient help fight the signs of aging: reduces wrinkles, freckles, increases elasticity and clear white look for skin. First feeling of the majority of women who has used the product is that the skin is moisturized, smooth; and when used repeatedly, it can be seen that the skin is younger and visibly radiant.

The ultimate discovery set of Shiseido Future Solution LX includes: Extra Rich Cleansing Foam 50mL, Concentrated Balancing Softener 75mL, Total Protective Cream 15mL, Total Regenerating Cream 15mL, Universal Defense SPF 50+ 15mL.

With the multifunction of product line named Shiseido Future Solution LX, you will not be worry about the effects of outside factors on your skin. It will help you get one perfect caring solution for the skin, reduce the negative impacts of external factors, giving you younger looking, smooth skin even during dry weather.


Being the most advanced product line of Lancôme, the factor that make this facial caring cream become classic is the application of rose stem cell technology. Each product contains up to 2 million of rose stem cells helping to improve the quality of skin when having the signs of aging. The skin will be firmness, elasticity and radiance after a few weeks of use. Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait is a masterpiece of recurrence sinh. Being extracted from precious Lancôme rose species, applied advanced proprietary biology technology process, these stem cells were proved be able to promote their superiority characteristics to enhance the skin regeneration.

the signs of aging such as wrinkles and brown spots, retaining bright fresh beauty for the skin, etc. Thanks to Fermogenesis technology, 2 million fresh cells of Lancôme Rose are fully reserved their regenerating ability, and integrated in the premium cream product – Absolue L’Extrait. Right after application, Absolue L’Extrait cream is easily soluble and permeable, making skin radiant, full of vitality. Day by day, the purified cells of Lancôme Rose restore new vitality for the skin. The tiny wrinkles, deep wrinkles on the skin are significantly reduced, the skin becomes toned, firmer, more beautiful, more youthful as newly reborn.

The best facial caring products for women
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