The best facial caring creams for men


Previously, men often feel puzzled about the issue that women spend hours for sitting in front of the mirror to apply many different kinds of facial caring creams. Men often wondered what it was, what its magic uses are, why it can make women spend so much money and so much time on it. But this was no longer a matter of only women when caring the beauty for men become something very normal and common in this time.

Currently the ads of cleanser and skin whitening cream for men in the media, internet or television are much more than for women. You will easily see the men spend time for shopping the facial skincare products in the shops on the street or in shopping centers. These facial care products for men have been flourishing for recent years with a variety of products such as men’s skin whitening cream, skin care cream day and night, anti-acne cleanser, etc. Men should realize the one thing that skin care is also important as bodybuilders or care for the hair. In this article, we introduce to you the list of the best facial caring creams for men. Let’s discover!


This product of the brand Sulwhasoo from the land of kimchi contains herbal compounds that have the ability to regenerate elasticity and rejuvenate the skin for men. With ingredients extracted from natural herbs, this product brings assurance about the safety of the use, and makes your skin become bright, smooth. Sulwhasoo Energizing Cream for Men is made from special formula created from herb compounds, to help push back the signs of aging on the skin, helps to regenerate the elasticity and rejuvenation for men’s skin. In particular, extract from ginger has the ability to improve the elasticity and vitality for the skin, combined with saponin from red ginseng, helping reduce wrinkles and disable the signs of aging.

Also thanks to special manufacturing formulation of Sulwhasoo, this product contains smooth and spongy texture, and be quickly absorbed into the skin without making greasy feeling, delivers smooth moisturized and healthy skin from deep inside. Since its launch on market, Sulwhasoo Energizing Cream Men for Men has been favorite with many the great feedbacks. The outstanding advantages of the product are: push back the signs of aging, restore vitality for the skin, blur wrinkles, with silky cream texture, the product penetrates quickly into the skin.


Activities under the scorching sun of the Sun will facilitate the production of oil on the skin and makes your skin pimples. But do not worry because Garnier Men is a product specially for treating oily skin and helps keep the skin clean in front of the external factors such as sun, wind and dust. With the neutral minerals, the product helps skin in condition of free-oil but still keeps certain moisture. Enriched with brightening lemon extract that removes dark dead cells; it reveals visibly fairer and smoother skin immediately. The formula contains perlite, which has 5 times the absorbing power of talc and keeps the skin clean, sweat and oil free.

This cream works well in all season because during summers it acts as a sunscreen and moisturizer and during winters it moisturizes well the skin. It helps the skin to be healthy even after exposed to sun and pollution. The Advantages of Garnier Men Power Light are: moisturizer has nice mild fragrance, keeps face fresh for 3-4 hours, a good sun screen and moisturizer in all seasons, easily available at store and shops, even you can buy online, price is also affordable andtravel friendly can be easily carried during travelling as it comes in tube, doesn’t make skin dry or oily helps to maintain normal skin, improves skin complexion to some extent.


A bright skin will help you become confident to express your personality, so regularly taking care of the skin is very important. Skin lightening cream of Aloe Vera is extracted from Aloe plant will give you a great result with a bright, healthy skin. Actually, this product is often used by women but many men have tried to use it and achieved great efficiency. The product does not cause any side effect because it is extracted from natural herbs.

A time-tested combination of Saffron & Turmeric has been enriched with the age-old goodness of Aloe Vera, to give you a fair & flawless complexion! Together they penetrate your skin to control the production & uneven distribution of melanin, and deep moisturize it. Marks & blemishes lighten; and your face is left supple, perfectly smooth & flawlessly fair!

The ingredients of this Herbals Fairness Cream are Aloe Vera, Saffron Extract, Manjistha, Lemon Peel, Orange, and Turmeric Extract. In which, multivitamins help protect skin from UVA & B rays and improve skin texture making it smooth & radiant; Aloe Vera component has effect toMoisturizes& nourishes the skin; manjistha is factor improving skin complexion; and lemon Peel & Orange work to clear skin blemishes, pigmentation marks and dark patches.


Probably do not need to add any words to introduce L’Oreal, one of the brands with the best skin care products. L’Oreal Men Expert products contain active ingredients whitening as well as protecting the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. Products help the skin be fresh and clean within 24 hours and remove the bruise on face. L’Oreal Men Expert is also very suitable for those gentlemen who wish to improve the problem of skin aging by its effect of removing wrinkles and making the skin become youthful.

Men Expert offers a wide range of products and advice for all your cleansing, hydrating and anti-aging needs. Because of the differences in characteristics, texture, and even lifestyle, men’s skin needed to be especially cared. MEN EXPERT is the combination between the deep understanding of male skin and advanced active ingredients for the most relevant skin care results.

MEN EXPERT product line with 8 benefits in 1 to includes the improved components such as BlockTM helping prevent the formation of melanin, fade brown spots; SPF 20 helps prevent harm of UV, anti-aging and darkening of skin; the ADS (Active Defense System) helps soothe the skin and promotes the capability of self-resistance of the skin. Besides, these products contain Vitamin C being able to anti-wrinkle, dark circles under the eye area caused by watching TV, working late at night, and so on.


Nivea Advanced Whitening Oil Control, a product of Nivea, a globally known skin care and body care brand. Nivea is a globally known brand owned by Beiersdorf, a German multinational company that manufactures personal care products and sells them in over 200 countries across the world.  This product helps to whiten and improve the black skin caused by ultraviolet rays as well as make the scars faded naturally. This moisturizing product of Nivea makes your skin becomes less oil and cleaner after each use, so this would be a suitable option for the men having oily skin. In addition, the product also gives the skin a natural bright look and prevents acne.

In this cream, the effective formula with fairness vitamin complex containing 10 nutrients, including, whitinat (Whitinat Vita Complex: Whitanat, Vitamin C, Licorice, UV filter, Vitamin E, Vitmain B5, Ginseng, Ginkgo, Carnitine, GlycerylGlucoside) that is proven by skin care scientists to lighten dull and damaged skin 10 times better than vitamin C.It also protects skin from re-darkening with UV filters.The non-sticky and ultra-light texture has been specially developed for men’s skin. It absorbs quickly and control oiliness all day long.

The best facial caring creams for men
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