The best destinations you should visit in 2017


In contrast to the bustling, noisy of modern life, in today’s article, mentions to the best destinations you should visit in 2017, the places that you can immerse yourself in nature or revel in the nostalgic aftertaste of architecture and history. Let’s join with us to discover.


This island nation is located in south of Sicily in Italy, between Europe and North Africa; it was a former colony of Greek, Roman, French and England. Malta is considered as the country with high living standard, a stable political system and strong economic growth. Malta is a small country in Europe, but it can easily captivate visitors by dint of beautiful beaches and many works symbolizing for history. One of the interesting points when visiting this small island is that you will never be too far from the next destination in this trip. Beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife and peaceful small bays never make you tired with a long journey.


The beautiful capital Lisbon of Portugal is built on seven hills overlooking the Tagus estuary. With a terrain of totally situated on a hill and four directions are adjacent to the sea, the capital Lisbon is also known as the “City of Water”. Nowadays, Lisbon is becoming one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe; this city is ranked at No. 7 in the number of arriving foreign tourists, with nearly two million tourists every year. Not only owns many great natural beauty, the city is full of historical landmarks, museums, churches, and also has much cheaper cost compared to the rest of Europe.


Iceland more and more confirms its position in the tourists’ heart when continuously enters into the top of worlds best country to live in 2017. Visit this country, you will be immersed yourself in the romantic natural surroundings without the slightest worry about the security situation. Come to Iceland, visitors can watch glaciers, volcanoes and hot spring bath freely, which are considered as the natural specialties of this country. You can learn more about this country in the article “top 10 best countries in the world to live and settled” that we mentioned on this website.


As one of the nation having the best wildlife system of the world, Finland is always a favorite destination of tourists who love nature, suitable for adventurous travelers. You can easily see the lush green broad forests on whole Finland; they are also the habitats of thousands of species of wildlife. Transportation system here is even built for citizens and visitors can conveniently transfer, watch the wild life without affecting to or destroying the value of nature. In addition, the system of rivers and lakes spreading across the country creates the difference of Finland compared to other European countries.


Switzerland is not only well-known country in the world because of having the extremely secured banking system, this place is also an ideal tourist destination where tourists visiting the country always get surprised with the fresh atmosphere and extremely clean environment here. Nature and architecture in Switzerland will make you feel like being back centuries ago, when the overwhelming of human to natural environment was still quite little. Outstanding feature here is the wooden houses nestled mountainside creating peaceful, rustic and extremely approachable setting. Switzerland has also been rated as one of the best countries in the world because of its stable politic.


If you have been experiencing many parts of the world, passing the freshest lands, the most beautiful lands in the world, then Namibia would be an interesting option for you and you will have to be pity if leave your youth passes without visiting this place. It is known for the Namib Desert, where has the world’s highest sand dunes, a unique beauty of Africa. Not only that, you can also discover the nature at the riverside of majestic Canyon River with many interesting things, and you should notice that the appropriate choice for visiting this river is walk around.


This is not a familiar name on the list for many visitors, but this is the popular choice of the rich at Middle America. Caribbean Bay is a destination should not be missed in a trip to Belize; it has been mentioned in many articles and in the media. But that’s not all of Belize. Coming here, you can also explore the ancient Mayan ruins and specially is typical wild jungle of Central America. All will become extremely memorable experiences in this summer. Let’s go!


You’re tired after months of struggling with noisy and hustle life, let’s come to Bellarine Peninsula. All you need to do is immersing yourself in a peaceful setting here and enjoying the moments of relaxation, serenity. This destination is famous for gorgeous beaches, being romantic in every sunset and energetic in every dawn. Let’s “betake” to here with your lover, push in aside all the chaos of life, immerse in the sounds of waves lapping the shore or participate in the not less interesting activities as diving or surfing.


Referring to the US, people often think of the crowded bustling streets bringing modern breathe. However, if you know to Upper Peninsula, you will have a different view. This place has hundreds of miles of beaches with more than 40 lighthouses throughout American history. Additionally, you cannot find anywhere else on American with such long history forests like in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan. And one more point that make this place can attract visitors is more than 300 different large and small waterfalls, being extremely beautiful. Come and experience the fun here.


With a height of 1500 meters above sea level, Da Lat with the cool weather is an ideal accommodation for many tourists inside and outside of Vietnam. You will easily be attracted by the peaceful, serenity from the landscapes to the music coming from the cafes here. In Dalat, you can feel the all four seasons Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, along with the change of the natural landscape in just only one day with countless flowers that are born to be dedicated to this land, the city is dubbed the City of Thousand Flowers. The lakes here also have extremely romantic and interesting names such as Than Tho (Whine lake), Xuan Huong (Spring’s scent lake), suoi Vang (Gold stream), and so on; all create a very unique Da Lat in the hearts of tourists.

The above is suggestions for you in the best destinations you should visit in 2017 based on the reviews and evaluations of tourists in recent years. If you love traveling, so what are you waiting anymore, lift backpack up and pick a nice location among the destinations that we introduced to discover and experience. I wish you safe and interesting travels. Do not forget to rate 5-star under each article and share it with your friends if you feel the information we updated above is helpful.

Thanks and see you in the next article!

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The best destinations you should visit in 2017
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