Steps to keep iPhone running faster


Eliminate the background effects, delete temporary data of the application, remove unused-often software, etc. help iPhone can run faster.

Until now, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 are the fastest smartphones. However, for users of the old iPhone models, the speed of the machine is a matter which is worth paying attention to when iOS has being changed and updated many new versions.

Here are the ways to keep your iPhone running faster


Before free up RAM,you need to exit the running applications in background by pressing home button continuously 2 times then swipe up on the app card to shut down by flicking it up and off the screen.

After you have closed all the background applications, you hold down the power button until the Slide to power off icon appears, at that time, you release your hand from the power button and hold down the home button for about 5- 10s til the device automatically returns to the main screen, the work is successful. Now check your machine’s running speed.


The responsing speed on the interface of the iPhone in particular and iOS in general is already very good. From iOS 8 onwards, Apple has brung eye-catching transition effects on the interface, but this makes iOS a little bit slower. Removing these effects will accelerate the display of the interface on the iPhone.

To do this, users need to go to Setting> General> Accessibility and turn on “Reduce Motion” mode. Next, go to “Increase Contrash” and select “Reduce Transparency”.


There are many applications on the iPhone running underground and automatically “refresh” the data. For example, you are using the email login app, even you do not open the email app, it still silently downloads new messages. And in fact, there are the applications that do not necessarily run in the background, but they are still licensed to do this action.

Therefore, you need to identify these unimportant applications and disable their”background refresh” permission by going to Settings> General>Background App Refresh and review this list then turn off the unnesscessary ones.


Just like a computer, the iPhone containing many software and files cannot work fast. Users can boldly remove unnecessary applications, including old pictures if you have backed up them to your iCloud.

In addition, your slow iPhone is also a consequence of the Message. In this case, go to Settings> Messages> Keep Messages and change “Forever” to “30 days”. This means the iPhone will only save messages for 30 days. Older messages will be deleted to preserve the required free memory, or you can change the timeline you think being suitable to save your messages.


This is method to help the iPhone tidy up the temporary data stored on the default applications provided by Apple. For example, with Safari, users can go to “Settings> Safari”, select “Clear History and Website Data”. Some other applications like Podcasts, Music, Game Center, iMessage and Phone, etc. also have this erasing mode.

Besides, users can also use a tip with other Apple’s apps. For example, you can go to the App Store, touch 10 continuous times in any symbol at the bottom row (feature, top chart, explore, search, updates). In the tenth time, the App Store menu will be blank, then show up as normal. At that time, this application has been cleared the temporary memory. This tip can also apply to iTunes, iBook, and Apple Watch app.


After using a program, such as using the Facebook App on your phone, when exiting for another job you just press the home button to return to the home screen and use other functions. Do you know that your previous device is still running in the background, if you use many functions at the same time, this will slow down your iPhone.

To get rid of this, you just need to double-tap the home button, swiping up all the running applications to turn off these applications, your phone will run much more smoothly.

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Steps to keep iPhone running faster
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