Specialty Durian, the world most difficulty to eat


If it is the first you try this kind of fruit, surely, you cannot love its hard smell, the smell which according to some people’s feeling is very terrible. However, you will be addicted if try to enjoy fruit specialty Durian some times.

This fruit trees grow well on arid regions, on burnt-over lands, and some highlands with hot weather. The fruits ripe and drop in morning and evening, so how about the smell and taste of durian? In today article, we would like to invite you to go with Lifestyles9.org and discover this kind of fruit.

Durian” belongs to genus Durio, the Khmer people call it as turen and the Indonesian people call Doerian. Nowadays, almost all off the countries in the world call this fruit as Durian. Durian is considered as the King of fruits; it grows and develops well in South East Asia. The fruit is covered by a layer of so many sharp spines; if do not be careful, you will be hurt when peeling the fruits because of the spines. It will be very pungent, so the people exercising durian peeling must to wear very thick gloves for protection.

Being an woody plant, Durian with about 3m in height will start to produce fruits, the older trees can high up to 40m, the durian’s fruits usually ripe and drop in period from0h to 1h in the morning, from about 12h to 13hin the afternoon, this is also a special characteristic of this fruit, they rarely drop fruit at another time periods unless the trees have peduncle rot phenomenon, therefore, the accidences by durian are hardly existed.

If you do not care about its “terrible” smell, you can enjoy this fruit; the fleshy pulp off durian fruit has greasy sweet like a passionate flan. All the ones who have enjoyed this kind of fruit said that durian has a very fragrant smell, and the truth is that, it has a distinct aroma making anyone who smells this also want to eat more and more.

This is a precious fruit kind, exported to most of the countries in the world; therefore, they have carried out cross-breeding and created many durian varieties with high commercial value such as seedless durian, fat durian, and sweet durian. Each durian fruit has 3 to 7 lodicules; each lodicule has 1-5 arils. Seedless durian has weight of up to 8kg each fruit, thick pulp, small or no seeds, better taste than that of normal durian.

In previous, there were some cases been poisoning by durian; people said that they eat durian and drink coca. However, the scientists rejected this view because there is no basis to prove that the lethal toxin is a result of reaction of durian and Coca-Cola. But you should not eat durian while drinking alcohol or bear, because durian contains a lot of sulfur, while eating the durian will reduce 75% body’s ability of detoxing toxins from alcohol.

The country providing the largest amount of durian now is Thailand. Besides that, there are some countries having suitable conditions to grow this kind of fruit including Indonesia,Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc.

If you have a chance to visit the lands with fruit specialty is durian, you should try once or some times. I believe that you will keen on of this fruit, and now, let’s spend a minute to rate 5 stars at the end of this article and share the information to your friends. See you soon at the next posts!

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Specialty Durian, the world most difficulty to eat
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