Meaningful Valentine gifts for both men and women


Valentine is the annual Day of couple that is celebrated on 14.2. Valentine’s Day comes in the name of a priest, who worked as a matchmaker for couples at that time, he was the Emperor Claudius executed because of opposing the male marriage ban.

According to the information recorded, circa 268-270, Emperor Claudius wanted to build powerful military force, he forced all men to have to join the army, but most men did not want to leave their families, they wanted a peaceful life without killing each other. They plead getting married and did not join to the army, which made Emperor Caludius was ablaze with anger and he issued the ban prohibiting all men from getting married, forced them to engage in military.

The priest Valentine was also one of persons opposing this ban, he continuously hosted weddings for couples in love, not publicly but surreptitiously organized by lighting one candle in a small room with only bride and groom. After this information was exposed, he was imprisoned and executed on February 14th. Also from that,the date 14/2 worldwide annually has been set as Valentine’s Day, also known as “Couple’s Day” to commemorate the priest Valentine and celebrate the Day of love for the young.

In these days, the couples usually set a date and go out together;they give to each other the meaningful Valentine gifts, most of them use the sweet chocolate or roses of love to award for their other half.

According to somerecorded sources and foundimages, Valentine’s Day is the day that the girl has to send a gift for her boy, however, depending on each country and by many centuries, gifting culture on Valentine’s Day went backwards, most boys have a gift for the girl.

Here are some suggestions for Valentine gifts for you to refer.


Couple statue is designed very nicely, a couple hugging each other inside a heart, this gift is widely used as a gift for Valentine’s Day, it gives a lot of sense because they think that when falling in love with each other, two people will share the same heartbeat, and live together in a space full of happiness.

Depending on the economic condition of each person, the ways to choose Couple statue are also different, some lovebirds choose gold object, some others select glass one, some choose chocolate material, etc.


Eternal rainbow roses are selected from the most beautiful roses in Ecuador, and is preserved by Japanese technology, each bundle usually has about 7 flowers; according to the order, this product is packaged in bundles or placed in sealed containers.

Like its name, after being preserved by Japanese technology, this bouquet of roses will last forever with time, if being well preserved it can be keep for several decades or more. This is also a meaningful present for the couple to transmit messages of love to each other on Valentine’s Day.


Chocolate is a favorite gift and it has a certain meaning on Valentine’s Day;it represents for sweet love like the sweet taste of each bar of chocolate. They usually sit together to enjoy each piece of chocolate and start the stories and then immerse in happiness.

In the world, there are many types of chocolate with different flavors and ways of processing, so to pick a box of chocolates being suitable to the tastes of both,firstly, you should learn about his/her taste and preferences. wishes you the great and happy moments on Valentine’s Day, goodbye and see you in the following articles, let’s rate 5-star at the end of each article to support us and share to your friends how to select meaningful Valentine’s day gift.!

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Meaningful Valentine gifts for both men and women
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