IPhone 8 will be labeled Made in India instead of Made in China


On February-3, 2017, Minister of Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has just confirmed this information; he also informed that iPhone 8 will be manufactured and assembled in the middle of the state Karrnataka belonging to Bengalaru city, Indian at Wistron factory owned by Taiwanese company.

At the same time of preparation for the launch of iPhone 8, the plan will be carried out in the beginning of April, 2017. So, from that, we will see that our IPhones has phrase “Made in India” is stead of “Made in China” as before.

According to the survey, there are 70% of Apples’ fans like the products with the label Made in India than Made in Chine as in previous time. Because, as the information they shared, China is the center of fake products, then they do not want their smart phones are assembled and manufactured in the country being famous for this piracy.

Up to now, after signing this contract, India is the third nation having assembling factory of IPhone, and also is the second country with the largest number of using IPhone people, just following China.

Apple owns 766 providers, including 69 ones in USA, 346 ones located in China, and 126 providers in Japan, along with a provider in India named Flextronics and upcoming chain stores.

This is good news for Apple because India is the world’s most populous country; when setting the base here, labor’s cost will reduced significantly, it is recently 1/3 cheaper than that in China. And to finish a smartphone with price being cheap enough to competition, India is the potential country for any technology company.

The big companies based in China are gradually withdrawing; on the one hand, it is because taxes and other costs in this country are rising, on the other hand, some negative behaviors affecting the area’s relationship making some big corporations shift to India. As predicted, in some more years, India will be the nation attracting many companies to set their factories in, outstripping China of this time.

IPhone 7 is the best-selling phone line of Apple now, outstripping the previous generation IPhone 5. With the high competitive level and the factory located in India as well, IPhone 8 will be launched soon and has better price than the expectation of Apple’s fans; Apple is also looking forward to the upcoming version will help them to achieve huge revenue, creating an amazing gap to the other manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Nokia, etc.

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Soucre: IPhone 8 will be labeled Made in India instead of Made in China

IPhone 8 will be labeled Made in India instead of Made in China
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