iPhone 8 – The peak of the smartphone was leaked upcoming version


iPhone always makes their users very curious, all their products are confidential in product information as well as the designs till the final day before the launch.

For crazy fans of “apple” like us, preparing a huge amount of money and willing to wait in spite of the weather and terrain to purchase the first products is common sight taking place every year.

According to some leaked sources, in 10/2017, super-product iPhone 8 will be launched with a extremely impressive design, and will be a highlight for this product in the future, so you have to use how many iPhone versions among the 10 versions they debuted below, invite you to consult and evaluate the development of the most smartphone line in the world.

Over more than 10 times of launches, this product line includes the versions:

  • iPhone 2G announced officially on 06/29/2007
  • iPhone 3G announced officially on 06/09/2008
  • iPhone 3GS announced officially on 06/08/2009
  • iPhone 4 announced officially on 06/24/2010
  • iPhone 4S announced officially on 10/04/2011
  • iPhone 5 announced officially on 12/09/2012
  • iPhone 5S announced officially on 10/09/2013
  • iPhone 6 announced officially on 09/09/2014
  • iPhone 6Plus announced officially on 09/09/2014
  • iPhone SE announced officially on 03/21/2016
  • iPhone 7 announced officially on 09/07/216
  • iPhone 7Plus announced officially on 09/07/216

Among these versions, the product rated to be the best-selling and most successful of iPhone so far is the 5th generation product line (iPhone 5). However, the more expectation of the “apples” fans is still intended for the 8th edition “iPhone 8” which they consider as the most perfect and have the biggest breakthrough form of Apple.

Much many designs of iPhone8 were released, but according to the experts, more likely to 8th generation of iPhone will be launched in a new version with a full-edge curved screen and fingerprint-touch home button under screen being similar to Galaxy Note 7.

Using wireless charging are also be some designers put into the sample version of the iPhone 8, if the version will exactly be launched with a wireless charger, the most smartphone company in the world will be lag and fake of Android’s design, up to the present time, Android has introduced smart phones using wireless charging for more than 2 years.

And certainly, in this time of technology racing, the iPhone 8 can freely to “bath” is not an exception, these products will be launched along with special functions such as waterproof, hot resistance, cold resistance, or more advanced is anti-freeze, so that the user can comfortably use the iPhone 8 to photograph in the Arctic or in areas with much lower temperatures.

The revenue of Apple products and their smartphones has started to increase since 2010, that means the breakthrough in product’s appearance has made them turn a new page. Usually, after every change of appearance, this product once again reaches high revenue.

The most recent time is the iPhone 6, they change the predecessor phone model from the angular edge into the rounded edge; this brought huge success, so there is no reason for the iPhone 8 designers to do not disregard this issue and produce the most impressive phone in appearance.

All of Apple’s phone lines are not cause the users feel boring and upset, all launched product samples are welcome with the most enthusiasm; only the phone SE, because it is too similar to iPhone 5S, it is not welcome in enthusiastic way as predecessors.

Big screens is currently very popular phone model in the world, especially the full-edge curved screen; if the 8th generation iPhone of Apple launches, the iPhone 8 will surely stand at the top of revenue rank that this phone line brings for their corporation.

On behalf of users worldwide, wish Apple in general and iPhone in particular further successful on development path, try to create and manufacture the best products, the most intelligent for the users in the future.!

Soucre: iPhone 8 – The peak of the smartphone was leaked upcoming version

iPhone 8 – The peak of the smartphone was leaked upcoming version
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