Huay Mae Khamin waterfall has been closed indefinitely


Huay Mae Khamin waterfall is located in national park of Kanchanaburi province, is considered as the second beautiful waterfall in Thailand had to close because of lacking water. As thespeech of park’s manager, Mr. ThitiSomphee, this waterfall only can be opened again when having enough water.

The ban came into force on March 13rd, 2017 pursuant to Article 19 of the National Park Act and the regulations of the Thailand Wildlife Conservation Department.

During recent 4 years, the water flow coming from Khai Kala Mountain has been decreased significantly, the main reason is global warming and greenhouse effect, causing the dry of the waterfall. Although Huay Mae Khamin waterfall has been closed, Srinakarin Dam national park still opens and welcomes tourist as usual.

Hiding fairytale beauty inside, Huay Mae Khamin waterfall attracts a large number of tourists every year, according to local people: “the most wonderful of this waterfall appears in rainy season, you can contemplate the perfect beauty of this waterfall when the water falls down over its seven decades.

Huay Mae Khamin is a seven-decade waterfall, each decade has its own name including Dongwan, Man Khamin, Wangnapha, Chatkaew, Laijonlong, Dong Pheesua and Romklaw. The height from ground to fall’s top is 2.3 km, to conquer this wholewaterfall, you must to spend about 3.5h. Also in this area, there is a beautiful vacant for camping and walking, which is also an ideal place to contemplate the Srinakarin Dam.

It is impossible to admire the beauty of Huay Mae Khamin waterfall, but you still can visit Srinakarin National Park, there are full services such as parking lot, camping area, toilet, restaurant, etc. here. Daily opening time is from 7a.m to 6p.m, fare for children is $ 3 and $ 6 for adult.

If you have an opportunity to visit this country in rainy season, you will be able to contemplate this legendary Huay Mae Khamin waterfall once again, wish you a happy holiday, do not forget to rate 5 stars at the end of this article to support and share useful content with your friends.

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Huay Mae Khamin waterfall has been closed indefinitely
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