How to unlock iPhone disabled because of entering the wrong password


If not careful while using, the user can enter the wrong password of the machine security; upon detecting the user enters the wrong password too many times, iPhones will be disabled temporarily for a few minutes, or closed for up to 22 million minutes (i.e. approximately 42 years).

Of course you cannot wait 42 years to restore your phone, this is not a new and strange situation to iPhone users, but if unfortunately, the iPhone is disabled because of entering the wrong password, please follow the following ways to unlock your phone.


Firstly, you need to connect your phone to a computer via iTunes, it’s best to use the computer that had connected to your iPhone device before, otherwise you can use a new personal computer, download new iTunes software to this computer, install and connect to the iPhone that is disabled because of entering the wrong password in several times.

Next, you click on the iPhone icon in the left top corner of the iTunes screen, select Restore Backup and follow the instructions on the screen, this process only takes a few minutes without losing too much of your time.

Long or short recovering time depends on your data is much or less, whether or not your computer has a virus or malicious code. However, you should note that if this method cannot be done, you turn your device into DFU mode or Recovery mode.


This case is applied to people who are not using the computer, if you do not have the personal computer you can use another iPhone device by borrowing from relatives, then you download and install the application Find my iPhone into this new device.

Now, you need to logout the present icloud account in this new device, then log back in with icloud you are logging on the locked iPhone, then you use the Find My iPhone app to delete all the data on your phone through options Action> Erase iPhone. You wait few minutes for the device to automatically delete successfully, then you proceed to restore previous backup through your icloud, it’s done.

After successful recovery, please reset your password to prevent the old password be leaked and be modified.

Note: Make sure, you completely log out the icloud on the device you borrowed to use to restore, prevent the leaking of personal information.

This tutorial is a combination of the ways for unlocking the iPhone disabled because of entering the wrong password that I am applying, wish you successfully unlock your iPhone and keep in mind to avoid enter confused password in the future, prevent the issue that iPhone is disabled because of incorrect passwords once again.

Thank you for reading my article, if you cannot follow the steps as the above guideline, please leave a comment below, I will accept and support for you. Do not forget to rate 5-star at the end of this article, and share if you think it is useful.

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How to unlock iPhone disabled because of entering the wrong password
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