How to choose clothes for the summer


In summer, the weather is usually very hot, causing much discomfort to us. Thus, the anti-heat or cooling methods for the body in the summer are extremely necessary. Choosing clothes help the body cool is also a necessary solution. So, how should we do to have cool clothes?

How to choose clothes for the summer? Here are a some helpful tips to help you for choosing suitable clothes for the summer to combat the hot weather.


The shirt-trousers made of felt, wool or nylon will make your body sweat much more and will create unnecessary discomfort during the hot summer days. So, in order to cool the body, use products with the main material is cotton or linen. This not only helps you cooler but also creates the strong and confident feeling.

Cotton absorbs sweat from the body pretty well and allows it to evaporate into the air. This fabric is like a scarf, wicking moisture away from your skin and preventing the growth of bacteria, yeasts. This advantage makes the cotton fabric become the perfectly suited fabric for the summer, because it keeps you cool and prevents your skin from diseases. You should avoid synthetic materials, because unlike cotton and other natural fabrics, most synthetic fabrics cause inconvenience for the skin.

You can also choose linen. Linen is considered as the summer fabric: light, comfortable, and breathable and with some texture to make it interesting to the touch. It also dries very fast when wet or damp.The only con is its tendency to wrinkle and crease. Some linen kinds are now woven tightly enough so that the wrinkling is more controlled and barely noticeable.

Besides, there are some other options for you: Rayon, the fabric made from natural cellulose, which is chemically processed to produce fibers; fiber-It’s a natural fiber but like wool, it tends to retain heat and moisture.


The colors such as white, yellow, beige and some other colors will help you feel cool, because they reflect most of the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere. Black tends to absorb more rays, making you feel hotter.

Stay away from dark clothes or warm colors such as blue, red, black, etc., they will quickly start absorbing heat and then increase the body’s temperature quickly. Instead, choose the outfits in lightly bright colors like: pale blue, yellow, white, etc., these colors reduce the heat absorption amount, helping you feel cooler.

The bright pattern styles, airy, delicate, simple drawings and gentle, skillful hand embroidery patterns will surely make your summer wardrobe become more fashionable. The best is wearing the monochromatic outfits or clothes having few vignettes. And for the travels to the beach, airy clothes with light colors, lively patterns will help you look better.

These are some general tips for you for choosing clothes in summer. We also introduce to you the most popular clothes in summer days. Let’s check which you have.


In the summer, you should avoid wearing tight clothes restricting the circulation. Your blood vessels tend to dilate in summer paving the way for the body to cool itself by heat escaping through the skin, so you should wear loose and cool clothing to give blood can flow better.And if your clothes are inelastic, not elastic, you will feel very uncomfortable for the skin in this summer

Summer is synonymous with shorts, skirts and sleeveless jackets, but these are not necessarily the ideal garment for this heating season in many cases. They make your skin be exposed to the sun’s rays more. If you do not apply sunscreen before you go outside, your skin will be vulnerable. The heat is also dry out your skin, making it become stiff and prone to aging, wrinkles appear.

If you think of those who live in the deserts of the Middle East, you can see that they often wear loose clothes covering the body from head to toe, mainly to protect the body from the scorching heat. The ideal types of clothing for the summer are long dresses or baggy pants. In summer, choosing such clothes will make you much cooler.


Coats are not just for the fall or winter. Right in of summer, you can still wear coats as usual, of course, the material must have a difference. Choose thin coat, it will help you do not sweat by the effect from sunshine, and avoid skin discoloration.

If you often have to wear vests or have habits of wearing outer jacket when working, you should think about removing it during work. The movement will be easier and you also remember that it is need to move slowly at working area to minimize sweating.

It’s horrible when you just come out for a few minutes under the sunny weather and the sweat stains appear on your shirt. The remedy for you is wearing a bra inside, they will absorb sweat and help the body cooler.


Do not buy shoes that are too tight, because they will set your feet in unconvenient status and easy to be itchy or rash. Choose a pair of shoes that is a little loose and you can do not wear hose to help cool the foot. Here are some the best shoes for summer, you can consult:

Espadrilles, this shoe usually made of canvas with flexible sole; it is a combination of rubber and rope or sedge. Characteristics of this type of shoe is soft, light and very useful for daily life. You need to pay attention when using espadrilles with rush soles, avoid expose to water to help shoes more durable.

A slipper style that is also very suitable for the hot summer sun is sandal. Sandals are easy going and can be combined with a variety of clothing such as shorts, jeans or khaki. There is one important thing that you need to keep in mind: never wear socks with sandals. Simply is that you will become very funny and look like just come back from the distant past to the future.

Not too fussy, being very comfortable, suitable for both summer and winter, boat shoes are the perfect choice for both men and women. Unlike most other types of shoes, boat shoes do not usually need to go along with socks or only with the ankle type of socks. Boat shoes are very suitable for many styles, from youthful, dynamism to courtesy, elegance. Besides the leather, boat shoes also have fabric material for dusty, younger looks and more suitable to summer.

The above is general tips for you to choose clothes in summer. And here, we introduce to you the most popular clothes for hot days. Let’s check which you had?


T-shirts is a specific symbol for the dynamic personality. Even the type of T-shirts with elastic fabric always makes you comfortable to wear. T-shirts are very easy to mix with other clothes. Sisters freely mix with skirts, trousers and especially jeans.


Shirts are costumes that you can wear all round year, because the shirts are quite popular and extremely easy to wear. Especially in the summer, you need to have the shirts in all colors to create your own self-confidence, dynamism and elegance. Combining the pants, skirts with shirts is not hard. Any sisters can also wear this type to work. When going out, you can wear with shorts, short skirts.


Sleeveless shirt is extremely popular style in the summer. They are absolutely dynamic, keep you comfortable, cool in the summer’s harsh days. To fit the style of the mature woman, you can coordinate tank tops with jeans, pants and high heels. Besides, tank tops and long skirts are also the perfect choice to create a feminine, charming appearance for you.


The gente, lovely crop tops with simple styles, gentlemanly colors are a hint for you to F5 your looks. Mixing them with high waistband pants, adding a pair of high heels and a long strap bag, you have a youthful look, and become much more attractive.


It is the short with length to knees or shorter, A or straight style, soft material, angular cut lines. They will bring an elegant, youthful and more personal appearance for you in this summer.


We have seen the rise of suspended casual pants, then how about the suspended jeans, why not? They are also one of the most loved trends. Surely, you will be enthralled by the naughty looks but not less of elegance they bring.


Nothing has the power to change the whole “the appearance” as sunglass can. Only with an impressive, eye-catching sunglasses, you can make the whole simple set of items, even your minimalist outfit looks much more fashionable, attractive.


Referring to the summer, of course we cannot forget the dresses. Not being the tight, rigid skirts, you often choose for going to party. The dresses of hot season are light, bright colors, easy to wear, easy to mix and suitable for every circumstance.

There are many kinds of clothes for you in summer. But how to choose the suitable clothes for summer is a quite difficult question. We hope that with the information we provided, you can select for your own the most suitable clothes matching your fashion style. Let’s score 5 stars if this article is useful for you. Thank you!

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How to choose clothes for the summer
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