Fashion disasters of famous people in the world


Fashion disaster is the ridiculous dress in which pants and shirts are not properly coordinated or people use the too “weird” outfit; that is the error that famous people in the world often suffer.

Today article, will check out 5 popular faces on newspaper and media have dressing way considered fashion disaster.


Kim Kadashian is a famous TV star, besides the famous on television, she is also famous for “fashion style” said to be a disaster.

Kim Kardashian owns super big third part; however, from the coordinating outfits by ripping jeans, denim jacket in ragged style ofthe boot styles made from denim material; all of them are the ideas labeled her image that anybody looking at her must to respect her because of the exotic alternative, this is said to be unlike-any-one fashion that we call a fashion disaster.


Justin Bieber is a famous male singer; he is very talent and has a pretty face. He also has fashion style being very weird with strange dress making fans must to set a question whenever he comes to the stage.

He usually chooses style of jeans inside shorts, the pants just can cover over the knees, or purple spandex pants printed leopard’s skin with the ample crotch like wearing diaper, along with that is a no-tie canvas shoes. And of course, with these weird styles, this male singer is also ranked into top of fashion disasters.


Hoang Kieu is one of the 300 richest people in the world, he was born in Quang Tri, Vietnam and is settling in USA. Not only is he famous for rich with a chain of companies, he is also known when continuously couple with world’s famous models. The more striking thing is that he has a very different at the age of 70+.


In the music night “Ta tinh”, he had a really weird fashion style that received many mixed opinions from network community. With a floral pant, red shirt and a white vest, he seems to wear his wife’s clothes. This outfit has taken this billionaire into top fashion disaster of famous people.


Lady Gaga is a famous female singer in the world. Apart from making the name to be popular in all around the world by her voice, she is also famous for clothes sets being extremely terrible, including the outfit made by beef.

Do not choose fashion style by fabric like normal people, this girl put in her body about 20kg of beef covering from top to toe instead of a suit and shoes. This surely is the most monstrous dressing style, can stand at the top of fashion disasters of the world.

Want to know after the performance, what Lady Gaga did with tens of kilogram of beef, maybe she took off to destroy and spend out of big-size bottles of shampoo and shower gel for cleaning raw meat odor and sweat on the body 😀


Katie Price is a singer and photo model; although she is quite well known in the newspapers as a photo model, Katie Price’s fashion style went sharply oppositely with the imagination of anyone who saw her in the events.

Most recently, in the once going to event, she chose for herself an extremely horror “human-animal” outfit. It is not wrong to say that she is turning her back on the fashion because there is not any designer can come up with what she put on and more correctly to say that no one dares to wear them.

Owning a super first part after editing, swarthy  skin and like bright tones such as bright pink, red and “rainbow” costumes gathered from all natural tones from clothes to hairstyle will make your be startled and lose idolatry of this photo model.

This is top 5 fashion disasters of famous people in the world that shares to you for referring. In the fact, there are more weird fashion styles and we have not fully mentioned. Let’s rate five stars at the end of each article and share this one to your friends. See you in the next posts!

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Fashion disasters of famous people in the world
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