Destinations you should visit once when traveling to Vietnam


Quang Binh, Ninh Binh, Ha Long and Phu Yen are the very famous destinations when referring to Vietnamese tourism. These are also the places where many of the world’s great film makers choose for their many shoots, in which Quang Binh has been mentioned the most in Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ blockbuster film“Kong: Kong Skull Island”.

In today’s article, will be with you to go through some of destinations in journey of discovering Vietnam tourism that you should visit at least once when coming to this country.


Quang Binh is a province in North Central of Vietnam bordering to the sea, and there are many caves here. Undergone a long time of exploring and archaeological excavation, Quang Binh has been proved that there was exist of human from Stone Agein this land. Many artifacts such as porcelain vase, working tools have been discovered here. In 1926, a French archaeologist-Madeleine Colani discovered many relics in the western caves in Quang Binh. She concluded that there was a presence of HoaBinh culture in this area.

Quang Binh is also the place appearing most in the movie Kong: Skull Island directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. This one of Hollywood’s blockbuster movies has selected some of the locations in Quang Binh asscenes like Mouse cave (Tan Hoa commune), Yen Phu Lake (TrungHoa commune), Son Doong cave in Minh Hoa district, and so on. If having a chance to visit Vietnam you should visit some of this province’s famous caves to contemplate the natural beauty of nature.


Halong Bay is part of QuangNinh Province, archaeological and cultural researches also show that the presence of prehistoric inhabitants in the Ha Long Bay area quite early, forming continuously ancient cultural forms including SoiNhu culture in the period time of 18,000-7,000 BC, CaiBeo culture in 7,000-5,000 BC and Ha Long culture existed in period of 3,500-5,000 years ago.

Also in this area, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has chosen CocCheo to shoot some of the final scenes in Kong: Skull Island. Previously, Ha Long appeared on some of other popular blockbusters such as Pan (a film costing about $ 150 million).

Halong Bay is an area being adjacent to the sea, the place with deep caves that seem as there is no way out, majestic cliffs rising from the water that make us feel that this isan artificial stone garden. But that is not true, all are created by nature and carry in themselves the majestic dreamy look. This is also an ideal destination if you have the opportunity to visit lovely Vietnam country.


Ninh Binh is also a stopover for many popular films such as King Kong, Pan, etc. The fathers of the films also pick Trang An attraction as filming location, 7 km away from Ninh Binh, and 96 km to the south far from Hanoi; it is a favorite destination because of the charming landscape.

Trang An is located in Ninh Binh Province and is an ecotourism site belonging to the World Heritage Site. It has been ranked by the Government of Vietnam as an especially important national monument and UNESCO recognized as a World Heritage Site since 2014. With a system of limestone mountains having a geological age of about 250 million years undergone a long weathered time by the changes of the earth, climate, sea, this are embraces hundreds of valleys, caves, lakes. This landscapes is where to conserve many wetland ecosystems, limestone forests, archaeological relics and cultural relics.


Phu Yen is a coastal province in the South Central Coast of Vietnam. Although having not appeared on the world television yet and on the blockbuster movies,Phu Yen is also one of the places that visitors should visit, especially this location has many rugged roads that are very suitable for people loving adventure.

Phu Yen is bestowed with a variety of landscapes with full mountains, rivers, lakes, bays, lagoons, islands, etc. This area is also home of a number of famous places such as Dia cliff, O Loanswamp, Da Bia Mountain, Xuan Dai Bay, Mon Beach, MuiDien, national historical relics such as Ro creek, Nhan Mountain, Da Rang River.

There are also hotel chain including both budget hotelsand five-star hotels, entertainment areas, eco-resorts and resorts. Wonderful choice for you to relax after time tired travel.

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Destinations you should visit once when traveling to Vietnam
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