12 beautiful and easy nail designs


Owning the nails with beautiful decoration will make you stand out in the eyes of the people, the way you paint your nails can also show your personality and the opposite person can evaluate preliminarily about you.

In today’s article, Lifestyles9.org will introduce to you 12 beautiful and easy nail designs hopefully after this article you have more options for your new nails.


Animal nail designs usually dedicate to those who work in office area with the age of 18-24 years old, it helps you to become more cheerful and fashionable, especially kitty cat nails.

However, this type is not suitable pattern for women being over 25 years old, so we need to choose a new pattern from other animals. We suggest the following nails, they are also very beautiful and noble, the women aged between 25-39 years old will need a nail with animal motifs and use the key tone like: on each nail is a small faint black animal painted on the entire white background.

And similarly, those with the age of greater than 40 years old, you need to choose more suitable nail patterns as a nail with red background and black animal-shaped motifs, it helps your nails not too monotonous, still youthful and very consistent with the current age.


Depending on your nails are big or small, your hands and your fingers are long or not, you can choose for yourself the nails with horizontal or vertical stripes.

People who are overweight and have chubby hands should choose vertical stripes to increase length and tapering of the hands; in contrast, for people having slender hands, tall body shape, you should select horizontal or slanted ​​stripes; they will be more beautiful and suite your body in perfect way.

Style of nails with striped motifs is also not too picky in age aspect, so older people can still choose this design; but for those who are aged over 40 years old, the main colors you should select are black and white or red (black stripes or red background), these are more genteel, should not choose bright colors like yellow, green, sky blue.


Polka dot motifs seem never be outmoded and are increasingly popular in young today’s youth. As one of the simplest motifs patterns, the most classic, but just need a little creativity, all girls can confidently present this polka dot nail style. It is suitable for most ages, ranging from the cute girls to the elegant office women, but you should consider with this one if you are aged over 40.

Oftenly, this vignette style is a combination of white polka dot and background with striking colors such as black, red, blue, etc.; and in this 2017, let’s catch up with fashion trend by green background and white polka dot.

There are many ways to create your polka dots. You can put the polka dots in horizontal or vertical lines, combine one color or many colors, even you can also arrange dots randomly to create youthful, mischievous nails. Depending on the size of polka dots and your favorites, you can adjust the density of the dots accordingly.


This is a popular nail art being famous from the past few years, but it has a huge attraction. Moreover this kind of nail is suitable for all ages; just need to skillfully combine colors, you even can normally apply this design at the age of 50.

Characteristic of this gradient nail art is the bright colors are combined to go from warm to cool, from dark to light and vice versa. So, if you do not own slender hands, do not worry, you can mix the darker color part at the top of the nail, and then make it less saturated towards the end of nail, your hands will look much longer.

You can create for yourself this nail design by using two colors of nail polish, a toothpick and a sponge. You need to paint a light-colored background (white or nude color), then, pour 2 colors next to each other and begin to stir them by toothpick at conterminous line. Finally, you soak sponge into polish mixture a few times and then paint on the nails, should move gently.


Is a variation of striped nail art, this nail design still is a favorite option for fashion followers. This type of nail is most suitable to women with ages of 20 or older, and its very nice disadvantage is it can be mixed with office clothes, playing clothes and even prom dresses, very useful, right?

With this type of texture, you need to cut pieces of tapee according zigzag shape you want to draw. The steps to do it are as follows: Firstly, you paint the foreground color, wait for the first polish dry out; then, take the piece of cut tape to stick onto nails and paint another color; next, remove the layers of adhesive tape and you already have the zigzag nails.

Combining with the emulsion polish, your hands will look very attractive and eye-catching. So what are you waiting for to do not try it, zigzag nail style?


If you already bored with the same kind of nails with monotonous color, you can combine multiple colors on the one hand. This style will help your nails look more prominent and still do not lose elegance, charm if you can skillfully coordinate colors.

Because being alternative style, multi-color design will not be the appropriate choice for those being over 35 years old. But in terms of style, it will be the nail style being suitable to all styles.

You have a strong personality, you like rock and roll style, combine outstanding and eye-catching colors, you will look like filled with vitality. You like tenderness, you want to be attractive, choose light colors like white and pink, they will make you pretty as a princess.

12 beautiful and easy nail designs
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