10 strange phenomena that science cannot explain


Surely many of you know that in this world, there still is the existence of a lot of things that no one can explain as well as have never been explored.

Science in the 21st century is very developing with many modern machines, equipment but they have never given the most persuasive explanation. There are people having witnessed the strange phenomenon many times, they decided to find out the true answers by themselves despite the scientists said these are just natural phenomenon or hallucination.

In today’s article, Lifestyles9.org will accompany with you to find out 10 strange phenomena that science cannot explain, let’s discover.


The ancients used to say 3 spirits 7 astrals; that means every human has up to 3 spirits. Each spirit represents to one aspect, including: inner consciousness, personality, and represents our ego. People always think that after someone dies, only their bodies return to dust while their spirits are immortal, they have a separate world after leaving the human body called afterlife.

There were a lot of scientists doing researches and experiments on this issue, but they have not yet given the most convincing answer for the “strange phenomena that science cannot explain”

10 strange phenomena that science cannot explain
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From long times ago, according to the Legend of the Indian monks, they said that: the dead men, after they done the last breath, their spirits still come back home and living as when alive. At that time, they have not aware that they had died until the date after 3 days from the time of burial or cremation; from this moment, they felt and aware that they are no longer live in this world, they belong to a different world that we call the afterlife. Now is time for them to start a new life there and it is also the time they have to pay for all the bad things they did when alive.


Have you ever seen the ghost yet? In other words, it is understood as a vague shadow shaping like humans, often wearing white clothes and appearing at night.

In the stories, plays, films, and daily life, the ghost of the dead is always a hot topic standing in the top 10 strange phenomenon that science cannot explain. Some people said that they have witnessed by naked eye; there also are many videos, photos saving the moments the ghosts appear. Some fortune tellers calling the spirits of the dead also can talk to ghosts, but scientists still have could not yet explained this strange phenomenon.

According to the psychics, people can see the spirit of the deceased or relatives. However, not all everyone can see; the important thing is that whether or not the similarity between this spirit and your base. They also said that after dead, their spirits will be immortal; some people having the special ability still can see, summon spirit and talk to ghosts like talking to a normal people.


Intuition is also known as the sixth sense, according to the legend of an ancient people, the woman had extremely accurate sixth sense. Before going on a phenomenon or an unusual case, they can feel that; some people are also foretold in dream, like to telepathy. But people also said that those who can feel very accurately the phenomena by their sixth sense usually have very short life span.

Scientists also have studied and explained about this issue, but the answer they give is unconvincing, they said, “Many similar cases are caused by weak health, work pressure, worried feeling, fear in thinking leading many cases of polymerization in hunch occurs “.

But in another aspect according to the psychologists, that is what people recognize through the subconscious, they themselves cannot determine and science has not been able to conclude or accurately explain this issue.


Do you believe in the mysterious black holes? In the world, there are many people mysteriously disappeared without knowing what the reason is. The people were abducted and killed or died by accident are all found, it just depends on the time for found is long or short.

30 years ago, an American couple playing golf on a quite extensive golf course, suddenly, the wife disappeared in an instant without leaving any mark. Surely, you also can imagine that even a athlete achieving world championship could not both climb the fence and run within less than 30 minutes on a wide yard of 200m, right?

Also in Russia, there were two brothers playing in the backyard, suddenly, the younger brother disappeared unusually on the acreage of about 100m2 having fence in seconds. 20 years later, also in exactly that position, the younger brother appeared in the appearance when he was a child, and the older brother, he was nearly 30 years old. According to the brothers, the younger brother felt slightly dizzy, he was lost in a mysterious world that in a heartbeat and was returned to initial place.

A special police team did an investigation; they absolutely did not find any evidence leaved back at the positions the wife and the Russian boy missing mysteriously. One theory is posed that they was sucked into the black hole of time, some lucky people can get out, and the rest are less fortunate, then permanently stay there forever, but no one has proved that time black hole truly exists or not?


This is one of the extraordinary things that no one can explain. In fact, everyone has heard of this thing, right? Some cases risen from the dead, be buried and then dug graves and go up, and so on. The people who experienced that near-death moments will have the experience, the stories told are extremely suspicious, such as: go on a dark tunnel with light glimmering at the end, to be reunited with his or her loved ones having died before, or feel extremely lightweight as flying, etc.

However, many people argue that it is just an illusion, it’s hard to explain anything because there is no way to identify it is true or not. But who knows, many be they can actually feel and see the world of afterlife. However, there still not any expert or authority can explain.


Spirituality and Esper are two of the strange things that have not any scientist explained. Being similar to intuition, the psychics, they also use their sixth sense, the kind of sense that not everyone have, but for them, it usually happens and they can control it.

They can anticipate upcoming events or the events in the past, they also can talk to ghosts, dead men or know the things happening elsewhere. Almost all these possibilities are caused by a certain happening, such as after a mortal fever or undergone a meticulous training process with the special methods.

Until now, the scientists still cannot explain the problem of spirituality and Esper, they cannot know what’s going on in the psychic’s body, and the predictions will usually happening in future. So in some cases, we can verify their speech about what will happen, while in the others, we could not because there is a precaution.


Unidentified Flying Objects or also known as UFOs, is an unidentified flying object supposedly of aliens. According to some witnesses claiming to have seen UFOs, it is a round object like a disk, has shape like a “non la” Vietnam. It emits cylindrical light, flies very fast and seems to not use propellers, engines or fuel such as cancroid, oil, etc.

There are many evidences of UFOs and some excavated objects shaped much like alien as described by witnesses. But up to now, no one has the clear video about UFOs or aliens land to the earth.

Scientists have not given an exact conclusion about UFOs although there are many witnesses giving testimonies that are similar and surprisingly match each other. For example, at the Era of King Pharaoh Thutmose III (1450 BC), they said that the UFO is like a circle having the propulsion at lower, there are light pillars around it, its ability to glow is more than that of the sun; its radius is about 5m. A Roman poet (99 years BC) also has saved traces; he described similarly to the previous document said to be in the era of Pharaoh Thutmose II, in 1361, Japan also gave a report to emperor with similar content, etc.


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